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Initially, International Jazz Festival was to be a series of jazz concerts performed by artists of Polish and Italian bands in the context of artistic exchange of participants in Italy and Poland in two Italian cities ( in Barii and Puglia - Southern Italy ) and two Polish cities ( in Szczecin and in one of the towns of West Pomeranian Region ) . So far during the festivals performed:  Sylvester Ostrowski Quintet , with Piotr Wojtasik , New Year's Eve Ostrowski , Reggae Moore , Francesco Angiuli , John bedclothes and Roberto Ottaviano Multidimensional ( Conservatory of Music in Bari ) with Roberto Ottaviano , Georgio Distante , Georgio Vendola , Mimmo Campanale , and Anna Serafińska team and Enzo Lanzo Quartet. From 2012, the project involves the participation of jazz artists from around the world . In 2013 the festival was held for the first time in the Rose Garden Art Project . We had the opportunity to hear live bands such as : Beata Shrine Quartet , Quintet feat Marcin Jahr Francesco Bruno , Angelika Anozie with the team and the Latvian pianist and composer Agita Rando team . For the first time the Jazz Day of the Child was held during the festival.

More info: www.jazz.szczecin.pl

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