Commission Themes & Issues

Planning Cities

Commission Themes & Issues

Planning Cities Commission approaches a range of urban planning issues relating to both public and private domains.

Infrastructure and Commerce

  • Inner city redevelopment
  • Pedestrian-friendly city centres
  • Better possibilities for public transportation
  • New shopping centres and business areas

Life and Cultural Heritage

  • Public space and its furniture
  • Cultural heritage in planning
  • City waterfronts
  • Diversity of urban lifestyles
  • New housing developments
  • Renovation of residential areas, especially those built with concrete panels
  • Redeveloping old harbour, industrial, storage and military areas (so called brown field areas) for residential and commercial use

Public Facilities

  • Service facilities such as child day-care, schools and services for the elderly
  • Parks and recreation areas

Technical Facilities and Transportation

  • Energy management
  • Water supply and waste water management
  • Traffic systems and flows
  • Road, street, square and marketplace planning

Planning Methods

  • Strategic planning
  • Territorial planning
  • Legislative issues
Contact persons: 

Niels-Peter Mohr

Chairman of the UBC Planning Cities Commission

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