28.09.2018 to 28.02.2019

Nasan Tur works in an intermediate area between the urban and the gallery space, drawing his material from messages and tensions he finds in the urban environment. He uses the city and its various spaces as a venue for intervention and performance, recruiting local citizens as participants. Some of the projects are on such a large scale that their presentation requires streets to be complemented with gallery or museum spaces.

The key medium of Nasan Tur’s art is his own body, which he sometimes pushes to extremes, such as when he tries to break Guinness world records. In spite of their political and social tenor, his works are often humorous, astounding and sometimes shocking. Tur examines people’s activities and politics in a profoundly human, occasionally bemused and sometimes sorrowful way. He uses an incredible variety of media in his works. For the viewer, his art appears as a social and personal study of a world that is simultaneously familiar and alien.

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