Christmas-sing-along with the Song Company

With just a few days left for Lucia, the Swedish company invites to its annual Christmas-sing-along. The choir has been charging all autumn and now the blanket bag is full of moody songs, Christmas decorations, happy despair, packages and singing. And, of course, the choir's own band, Companiet, is also included.
So take a much needed break in the Christmas party, sneak into the Christmas mousse and sing with all the songs of Christmas.

Dreams about Hollywood

In the thirties there was too much an unattainable dream to wear in glittering evening gown, drink champagne and dance in ballrooms. But everybody dreamed, and the Hollywood film gave abundant nutrition to these dreams.
The exhibition presents a section of thirties of evening fashion, featuring elements of everyday life and leisure. Here is a new body pageal, totally different from the twenty-six boy girl. Now, women's shapes are in focus, which is emphasized by antipermetic material in refined cuts.

Exhibition: The year is 1918

How was life in Malmo 100 years ago? How did the city look, what happened and what people lived here? On October 4, Malmö City Archives opens an interesting exhibition with stories from 1918 based archive material from Malmö hundred years ago. During the year, 1918 has been a continuous theme for the city archive talks and exhibitions. Now we summarize and develop the story of 1918.

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IMOFEST 2018 - Galați Investment Forum

The City Hall of Galați has the pleasure to invite you to the first edition of IMOFEST 2018 - Galați Investment Forum, on 30 October 2018, starting at 10 o’clock, in the conference room of Vega Hotel, Galați.
IMOFEST 2018 Forum is dedicated to attracting new investments in Galați and the municipality will present public and private unused land that is open to investment and reuse.

Registration open: UBC Seminar on International City and Business Marketing

UBC and the City of Rostock invite you to get updated with the currents of international city, business and NGO marketing in Rostock on 28–29 November 2018! Registrationis now open at

The seminar is part of the work of UBC's Communications Network and is open to all representatives of the UBC cities who are interested in the topics of international communications and marketing.

Time and venue
28–29 November 2018, Rostock City Hall

Time to nominate candidates for the Baltic Sea Award 2019

It is time to nominate candidates for the Baltic Sea award 2019.

The organisers seek the person who or organization which have done meaningful and outstanding achievements for the Baltic Sea environment. The candidates can be active in the fields of science, culture, or in environmental movements. Authorities or decision-makers in the business world or public administration can also be nominated.

Ingmar Bergman and the music

Divine, The OperaDuo and the pianist Eric Skarby - takes the audience on a trip through director Ingmar Bergman's musical universe.It will be a mix of classical composers, such as Bach and Beethoven, but also taste samples from the operas that he himself directed, the Troll Flute and the Rucklarens Road. Newly written performance by Jonas Hellberg.
Serve with a sweet potato soup and topping with roasted fennel seeds!