Patronage country in 2018 is Estonia because they celebrate 100th anniversary of independence.

„Generacja” Rock Festival is a review of the artistic work of well-known rock stars; also, it offers an opportunity to present the artistic work of less known bands. This is a nationwide event. The purpose is the promotion and presentation of widely understood rock music including all of its variants and derivatives (rock, blues, metal, punk, hip – hop, reggae, folk,  electronic music, jazz etc.).  All those groups that perform music based on the own repertoire are invited to participate in the Festival competition. There is a concert by rock stars at the end of the event.

Within the framework of the Festival, workshops are conducted for four days that offer a possibility for young people to improve their skills. The classes take place under the tutelage of the experienced professional jazzmen, and the results of the work of the participants can be admired in pubs all over Koszalin. The Festival traditionally closes with the final concert with the participation of enthusiasts and recognized jazz musicians. There is also a competition of young jazz ensembles within the framework of the Festival.

The formula of this Festival does not include any rivalry; it is based on  cooperation and integration between mature  virtuosos of  this instrument with children, young people and adults who are learning to play the accordion. The participants of the Festival meet in open workshops and later at evening concerts. The concert of the Great Festival Orchestra that includes all of the participants of the event takes place on the last day of the Festival.

The creation of conditions for authors to meet with spectators and to present performances by young generation directors has been the idea of the Festival starting from its first edition. It is both  debutants and directors who are already well-known, those actors who are taking their first steps in the profession that arrive to Koszalin; it is also theatre stage stars and dramatists, who frequently have their first opportunity to confront their visions of the theatre with the expectations of a demanding  audience.

European Film Festival Integration You and Me will take place for the 15th time this year. For more than a decade this event has paved the way for the topic of disability in the media, culture and social space – not only in Koszalin, but also around Poland and Europe. The Festival has also been an inspiration for several dozen organizations and foundations organizing Small Festivals You and Me in over 30 places around Poland. It has been four times in the European Parliament and in London, in 2015 it also visited Italy, Spain, Croatia and Lithuania.

Within the framework of the International Organ Festival, concerts are held with the participation of chamber ensembles, choirs, a symphony orchestra and organ virtuosos  in the period of two summer months. The best performers from Poland as well as from abroad are invited to participate in this artistic event.

During the Festival, films are presented in two competitions: Polish Full-Length Feature Film Debuts and Short Feature Film Debuts, divided into the following categories: animation, document, story. Being the only one of this type in the country, the Festival focuses in such a wide scope on the latest achievements by directors who are making their debut. Special shows, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, panel discussions and debates on young cinematography will supplement the programme of the Festival.

Young people aged from 15 to 30 who are fascinated with the theatre, acting and song are the participants of the Festival. The Festival offers an opportunity to meet both professionals: students of acting and musical, actors and singers as well as enthusiasts fascinated with actor song.

The main purpose of the Festival is the promotion of cinema among viewers in school and preschool ages. This year, we are inviting children to undertake a journey the production of the Swedish author of children’s literature: Astrid Lindgren. A number of interesting film shows and other attractions including film shows and live reading of excerpts from the novels by Astrid Lindgren will take place as part of the event.
Organized by: Centrum Kultury 105 [105 Cultural Centre] in Koszalin.