HUPMOBILE – Holistic urban and peri-urban mobility project

The City of Gdynia, coping with challenge of rapid growth of transport functions either on local/ metropolitan or transeuropean/global scale, is transforming its transport system into sustainable and resource-efficient one.
The landmark initiative is to revitalize all ex railways, still existing inside the city, regardless their former functions: industrial, military whatever  – into attractive and competitive transport  links.

Exhibition “The voice of time. Art & propaganda in Soviet porcelain"

The exhibition is held from December 2, 2017, April 1, 2017 in the State Hermitage (Picket Hall)

This exhibition presents examples of Soviet propaganda porcelain from the museum collection. After the events of 1917 the nationalized Imperial Porcelain Factory began to produce cookware with revolutionary slogans, while retaining its functionality and elegance of form.

Festival “Latvia Centenary Celebration in the Cities”

A multimedia project with projections on the Dzintari Concert Hall facade. Mobile exhibition “Terracotta choir for the Centenary of Latvia” in the Concert Hall, exposing terracotta made traditional Latvian dolls, presenting the national costume, raising awareness about national culture, heritage and its necessity of preservation. National dolls were made in 2017 during the creative workshops by the pupils of the Jūrmala Art School, city residents and guests.

Electric Run Jūrmala

The brightest autumn run, giving chance for the participants to experience positive emotions accompanied by LED light and sounds of music during a 5 km distance. The participants can take part in Zumba Fitness Workshops under the guidance of professional instructors of Zumba Fitness, while Lego Children's Run is exclusively for the use of the youngest participants.