Lāčplēsis Day

To commemorate the win of Latvian army over the West Russian Volunteer Army or Bermontians, Liepāja will hold a commemorative concert and a procession. Starting from the Jānis Čakste Square the procession’s participants will walk holding candles and torches till the Northern Cemetery. In the Northern Cemetery candles and flowers will be laid by the memorial site of Oskars Kalpaks, honouring the Latvian freedom fighters.

More: www.liepajaskultura.lv

Sea Festival

Liepāja is proud of its seashore and harbour, therefore every year we honour the nature’s forces and people whose everyday job is at the sea – fishermen and sailors. As every year the Sea Festival will start with the sounds of ship horns and commemorative moment for the lost fishermen and sailors. Cultural and entertainment activities, and sport competitions will bring the festive feeling. There would be no Sea Festival without the welcoming of Neptune. A craftsman and home-producers market will be held.