Åland Maritime Museum: Faith, Hope and Love - sailor tattoos

With a collection of old tattoo motifs we tell the stories of why sailors got tattooed and about the symbolism of the motifs. These motifs are experiencing a revival today, often called ‘Old School’. But do they carry the same meanings? Who chooses the butterfly, who the pin-up and who the tall ship? And where is the naked man?
Faith, hope and love is produced by the Maritime Museum in Stockholm and displays a selection of tattoo motifs from their rich collection. The exhibition is on display 7 March 2018 - 28 February 2019.

Kotka Fish Market

The traditional Fish market in Kotka at Sapokka square is twice a year: in spring and autumn. At the fish market, there is a great variety of fish foods and tools for fish processing, fishing equipment and many other products made in Finland and Kotka. The market is open on both days at 10-16.You can also try a traditional Kotka baltic herring fish freshly fried.

More information: https://www.visitkotkahamina.fi/en/main-events-kotka-hamina-region-2018

Espoo City Theatre & Baltic Circle Festival: All the Sex I've Ever Had

Local elderly people reveal all about their past and present loves, their sexuality and how it developed, about romantic relationships and the challenges and pleasures that follow. This show finally gives the stage to the part of the population that all too often remains invisible. It has touched and enlivened audiences around the world, from Portland to Prague and from Scotland to Singapore. Come to listen and learn from this panel of elderly experts.

Futuro World 50 Years

The entrance hall of the Exhibition Centre WeeGee encompasses Studio Suuronen, named after architect Matti Suuronen. Studio Suuronen houses the exhibition Futuro world 50 years from mid-May to the end of 2018. The exhibition presents the Futuro house as well as its international spread through photographs, captions and map graphics. The exhibition contains photographs of 50 Futuro houses around the world. The exhibition is an updated version of WeeGee’s Futuro world, which ran from June 2015 to January 2016.

Plastic Hear Exhibition

Over the years, the Futuro has captured the imagination of artists, designers and the public at large all around the world. To celebrate the jubilee year, artist and filmmaker Mika Taanila has been invited to create a new artwork based on the Futuro. The result is Plastic Heart, a multi-channel sound installation paying homage to the Futuro. Taanila composed the artwork using only authentic sounds associated with the materials from which the Futuro is fabricated. The sounds are recorded at a factory specialised in restoring Futuro houses, Ekin Muovi based in Virtasalmi, Central Finland.