26.05.2016 to 27.05.2016

Meet world class experts from Copenhagen Capacity, Copenhagen Science City and Technology Region Aachen and learn about successful strategies on innovation, investment promotion and cross border business settlement.

The seminar is directed at administration experts, entrepreneurs and scientists.

26 May 2016

13:00-14:30       Copenhagen Capacity
15:00-17:00       Best practices in UBC Cities
19:00                 Dinner 

27 May 2016

Creative Ports

The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) represent a leading opportunity area of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). With strong emphasis on innovation it has a significant ability to solve problems through utilization of creative working methods. This potential needs to be strengthened to create a spillover effect into other sectors.

20.09.2016 to 22.09.2016

Join a free executive seminar on talent management and place promotion, run by northern Europe’s # 1 place marketing consultant firm. Experience the City of Hamburg’s exhibition and event center for current design. Uncover the secret of success of the Hamburg strategy and brand management. Discuss gender equality and best practices in talent management and place promotion of cities in the Baltic Sea Region. Meet practitioner from Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, the municipal institution founded to promote Hamburg’s creative industries.   

Open meeting of the UBC Working Group on Gender Equality

The UBC Working Group on Gender Equality meeting will be held in Gdańsk (Poland) on 22 June 2016.

The main topic of the meeting is building strategies for mainstreaming gender into the work of the UBC member cities. Despite many positive changes in mainstreaming gender in Europe, the issue of gender equality still requires special attention, as women remain a vulnerable group, and special measures need to be introduced to ensure their bigger participation in decision making and secure their stronger position at the labour market.

06.06.2016 to 08.06.2016

The 76th UBC Executive Board meeting will take place in Kaunas on 6–8 June 2016.

Please register online by 9 May at: http://bit.ly/1OKpfgW

City of Kaunas in the UBC: http://ubc.net.kmgeasy.com/cities/kaunas
City of Kaunas website: http://en.kaunas.lt/

12.04.2016 to 15.04.2016

The Open Meeting of the UBC Youthful Cities Commission (YCC) will take place in Turku, Finland, on 12-15 April 2016. Its main topic will be the youth leisure time defined by YCC as one of the instruments that prevent social and economic exclusion.

"Being an active member of the UBC youthful cities commission ourselves, we are convinced that this meeting will create space for exchange of knowledge and foster further cooperation among the UBC cities" - Aleksi Randell, Mayor of Turku, says.

The Baltic Sea cities find refugees as a chance for future

“Feel free to steal good ideas”, said Jørgen Kristiansen, Deputy Mayor of Kristiansand (Norway) welcoming the participants of the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) conference on the refugee situation in the Baltic Sea cities held in Rostock on 15-16 March. The conference gathered together around 70 civil servants from the region.

The conference, organized by the City of Rostock and the UBC, aimed at sharing ideas and practical solutions on how to integrate the newcomers.