Children’s Cinema Festival

The main purpose of the Festival is the promotion of cinema among viewers in school and preschool ages. This year, we are inviting children to undertake a journey the production of the Swedish author of children’s literature: Astrid Lindgren. A number of interesting film shows and other attractions including film shows and live reading of excerpts from the novels by Astrid Lindgren will take place as part of the event.
Organized by: Centrum Kultury 105 [105 Cultural Centre] in Koszalin.


Narva – Autumn Capital of Estonia

From September to December Narva carries the title of the autumn cultural kapital of Estonia. This symbolic designation demonstrates the favourable attitude from city of Tallinn towards Narva and its interest to revive the local life as well as give an opportunity to demonstrate its attractive side. Tallinn passes on the symbolic status of the Estonian capital to Türi in spring, then in summer to Pärnu and fi nally to Narva in autumn. The agenda of the autumn capital programme is varied and full of activities, most of which have the national status.

Folk Holiday “St. John’s Night”

Another vibrant holiday in June is St. John’s Day, the most popular folk feast. Throughout the night, all over Estonia there are bonfi res setup, people are dancing and singing. During the night peole are looking for the blooming fern. Legend says that this flower blooms only this night. The one who finds it will become wealthy and happy. It is believed that during St. John’s night people must stay awake till dawn, because this night is the guardian for the entire coming year. On the territory of Narva Castle there is entertainment programm and concert during this day.

Narva Energy Run

Narva Energy Run (Narva Energiajooks) includes 7 km run, walking Nordic walking and 21.1 km run. The running trail goes along the streets of Narva, passing historic bastions, fortifications, the Alexander's Cathedral and many other exciting buildings. The Narva Energy Run is a unique opportunity to run on the most eastward track of the European Union.

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Days of Narva

The most colourful event in June in Narva is City Days. Traditionally this event falls on the first weekend of the month. The program of the city’s main event is made in such a way that the residents and guests can take an active part in it, rather than just look on. The list of activities includes sports competitions, contests, concerts, exhibitions, artisan fairs, a solemn procession through the streets of the city, theatrical performances, a festival of national cultural societies, a community walking tour, interactive programs, etc.
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XXVII Festival of School Theathres “Goldfish”

In April, “Goldfish” comes to Narva. There are just a handful of festivals that have had such an enriched lifetime! Narva “Goldfish” is a unique Festival that lasts 6 days. There are no other such long-lasting school festivals in Estonia. Every day there are performances in various theatrical genres: fairy tales, puppet shows, classical performances, literary compositions, choreography, mime shows, philosophical stories, farces, musicals and others. “Goldfish” does not skimp on prises and gifts.