Lattelecom Riga marathon

Lattelecom Riga Marathon will bring together thousands of runners from all over the world. For the first-time visitor, the marathon offers great opportunity to get to know Riga, one of the most beautiful cities in the Baltics. There are several distances to choose from - full marathon, half-marathon, 10 km, and 6 km. The scenic course will meet the expectations of one and all, going through the Old Town, by architectural monuments, and over bridges.

Spring Equinox

As the spring equinox approaches, and the day finally becomes longer than the night, according to Latvian traditions, we will hang and decorate the traditional swings, sway, sing, dye eggs with onion skins, conjure, swat each other with willow catkins, play games, dance, glorify the Sun, and promote liveliness, health and beauty all around us.

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Vadims Markevičs' ehibition "Conversation about myself"

The exhibition will feature hyper-realistic oil paintings and pastels created in the recent years. "I am telling visitors about myself, developing the painting with the precision of a jeweller, getting to know the essence of things, exploring their nature and matter. Knowledge about physical features and texture of paints opens ways of materialising characters, feelings and moods," the painter says about his work.

Marco Beasley. Southern Italian Songs

The world-famous interpreter of baroque music, Italian Marco Beasley, will perform in Liepaja presenting lyrical melodies and dances of the early Italian baroque music. In the “Southern Italian Songs” programme artists will follow the footsteps of the Italian free spirit - nature, old wives tales, rituals, words of ancient poets. In the songs of the 17th century we will hear of love from the past, the pain of loss and happiness of a new friendship.