Celebrating UBC’s 25 years in boosting cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region

The UBC has reached a mile point when turning 25 in 2016. During all these years, the organization has undergone a major shift to hold its strong position as a credible partner in the Baltic Sea Region and in Europe. The jubilee is a great occasion to remind of past achievements, but also to look far ahead. How could we shape the future?

At the Founding Conference in Gdańsk in September 1991 Anders Engström, the first UBC President, focused on the potential of the cities’ cooperation:

Liepāja School of Music and Arts is looking for international friends

Liepāja School of Music and Arts is looking for partners and perhaps good friends in future among our partner and UBC net cities and towns.

The school is very active, it has various bands and groups that do really great performances and are eager to get in touch with more international friends in the same field of music. For this time they particularly search the interested counterparts for their Junior big-band and also Boys Choir.

Food & Fun 2017

International Festival of good food and great company coming for the fourth time!
It is held in Turku, Finland in the bosom of archipelago, filling the restaurants, bars and cafes with special guests from abroad, great menus made just for the week and lots and lots of happy people dining together! That’s Food & Fun!

Restaurants, bars and cafes

We gather amazing cafes, restaurants and bars to do the festival together, to get over 8.000 visitors (2016) up from their couches and out having a great time!