A call for stories to the Bulletin 2/2016 launched


Inclusive and healthy cities

Cities are the centres of growth. The urbanization creates opportunities, moves the economy forward. But at the same time inequalities and exclusion are still a challenge. How can we prevent them and how can we ensure social, spatial and economic inclusion?

The Editorial Board would like to invite the cities to share their experiences on how they approach the vision of inclusive and healthy city.

Battle of EST

Battle of EST (BOE) is the oldest street dance competition with the most impressive list of performers in Northern Europe. The main events include breakdance team competitions. One can also witness hip-hop, popping and solo b-boying contests. This year’s 16th international BOE festival is an honest rejection of everything with a fake glitter, turning the dance battle competitors into real artists of life! It is a riot of people dancing themselves breathless, while living and breathing the dance culture.

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sTARTUp Day 2016

The first international business festival sTARTUp Day 2016 will be held on December 9. sTARTUp Day is a festival where traditional entrepreneurs and start upers, government and media will loudly and proudly discuss about different business models. The topic of the festival is quite intriguing: how to earn if there is nothing to burn? We know that traditional entrepreneurs have criticized startups for burning investors’ money and not being brilliant at earning money. Now it’s time for all parties to give their opinions on a big stage.

European Poetry Slam Championship / “Crazy Tartu” Festival

Winners and organizers of the championships of 20 European countries will be expected to participate in the European Poetry Slam Championship. The contest takes place in restaurant-café Vilde. A true merry-making of European performance poetry will be due. At the same time, the annual festival “Crazy Tartu” takes place. In addition to Estonian representatives, performers from Sweden, Belgium, Austria will appear.

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The Tartu jazz and rhythm music festival "IDeeJazz" brings into Tartu the Estonian music that is packed with creative power. Keywords like good sound, improvisation and idea connect the best thoughts of the Estonian jazz elite and the bold projects of the young musicians’ generation, filled with positive energy. The festival draws no clear genre borders – providing very diverse music from mainstream and chamber jazz, ethno and world music to groove rhythms and fusion.

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Tartu Marathon Cube

Club Tartu Maraton's main aim is the organizing 6 popular sport events: Tartu Maraton (cross country skiing), Tartu Jooksumaraton (running and Nordic Walking race), Tartu Rattaralli (cycling road race), Tartu Rattamaraton (mountain bike race), Tartu Rulluisumaraton (inline skating race) and Tartu City Marathon (running race).