Open House Gdynia

Open House Gdynia

Global festival of architecture. During the event selected public areas or private flats, not available every day, are open for participants. Shared interiors are to inspire, to be a source of innovative ideas, to satisfy curiosity, to initiate positive changes and to bring out the best of the city’s architecture.



On Tuesday, February 21, the day before KPN Grand Prix a tour skate event is held.
For all skating enthusiasts to attend!
You can choose from four distances: 10, 30, 60 or 100 kilometers.
The Ice Track around Lulea will be in top condition for these days, thanks to the municipality's efforts to contribute to the event's success. 
A skating event you don´t want to miss!

February 22, 2017, the Dutch KPN Grand Prix is being held in Luleå for the first time!

Norrbottens Media Week

NMW is the event for those who are interested in communication, culture, creativity and everything that's happening in these industries. On the NMW you’ll have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with people working within media, music, film, experience industry, gastronomy and much more.
With a wide range of Swedish and international speakers, and more than one hundred items on the agenda — the NMW is an event you will be glad you took part in.