Three Cats

The interactive concert-performance introduces young audiences to a simple dance number and a song, and a simple tutorial of how to make the best birthday card for parents.

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Hooaja avakontsert. ERSO

With the concert and the book Life as a Promising Beginning, we are remembering Peeter Lilje (1950–1993), a former head conductor of ERSO.

Good friends of Peeter Lilje will step in front of the orchestra: Nikolai Aleksejev, a schoolmate from the days of Leningrad Conservatory and a former head conductor of ERSO who made his first contacts with ERSO in 1987 thank.

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Nostalgia Days

We think of nostalgia as the past. We do not give priority to waving communist flags or to political preferences. Those days are simply gone. When most people think of the past, they think of their first schoolday, their first love, first car, and many other of their firsts.

Nostalgia Days in Haapsalu are special because the events take place in the entire city during three days. The main day has always been Saturday when a parade of old vehicles takes place, followed by an exhibition, a concert, and a fair.

Street Food Festival – Haapsalu's Promenade of Flavours

The festival takes place in the Old Town and on that day, the entire Karja Street becomes a promenade of flavours. Haapsalu welcomes anyone to the festival who has a passion for food, flavours, and summer in Haapsalu.
The festival programme also includes interesting concerts and performances on the stage of the Citizen Tower.

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Exhibition "1982"

The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate one particular year on the timeline of the century-old Estonian Republic. This year – 1982 – would represent all 48 years of the occupation period throughout almost two human generations.
Local amateur photographer and agronomist of the collective farm Ants Maripuu documented the everyday life. Captions of the photographs are the usual catchwords taken from the 1982 issue of the regional newspaper Töörahva Lipp (Proletarian Flag).

Exhibition on nursing during the occupation

An exhibition which gives an insight into the nursing profession during the occupation of Denmark 1940-1945.
With rationing on soap, food and many other things, proper nursing was not easy to perform.
Come see the different items that the nurses used as a dressing for wounds during the occupation, and see their identity cards and the armbands that allowed nurses to get around after curfew.
Children can try on the old helmets and gas masks and imagine what it was like to be the house guard, who was responsible for the safety during air raids.