Lost In Music

“Every band wants to be found”
Lost In Music is an annual city festival held in Tampere, where over hundred artists perform to some 15 000 visitors in the central live venues of the city. The festival showcases new and rising pop, hip hop, rock, indie and metal bands, not forgetting world music and experimental music. Lost In Music is a unique live music festival with its broad selection of cutting edge music unparalleled in Finland.

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After one gap year one of Tampere's most popular summer events Chilifest Finland returns with style on 12.-14.8.2016. The renewed festival takes place at a brand new location at the area of Tullikamari, Pakkahuone and Klubi. Besides chili this year's themes are barbeque, garlic and beer. The festival offers a broad selection of exhibitors and food as well as grilling, barbeque competitions, a Hot Wings -challenge and different instructional kitchens.

Mänttä Music Festival

VIII Mänttä Music Festival offers an unprecedented selection of prominent international pianists and rising stars. The unique Gösta Serlachius-museum Gösta functions as the main concert venue. The international superstars of summer 2016 are Elisabeth Leonskaja and Boris Berman, and the festival's opening concert is delivered by Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra with Sakari Oramo as the conductor. Once again Finland's only annual piano festival gathers the piano music lovers to Mänttä-Vilppula. Welcome to Finland's piano capital!

Tampere Theatre Festival

Tampere Theatre Festival is known as one of Europe's most prominent theatre festivals presenting fresh and thought-provoking programme. The festival offers a compelling and compact first-class selection of contemporary drama productions from home and abroad and presents modernized classics, dance theatre, contemporary circus and street theatre. Tampere Theatre Festival includes the main programme, the programme tent, Club Festival Encorebaana, OFF Tampere -fringe events, Tapahtumien Yö (The Great Nocturnal Happening) and a variety of discussion panels, workshops and meetings.

Tampere Flamenco Festival

Tampere Flamenco Festival is the biggest and longest-running flamenco festival in the Nordic countries. For over two decades it has presented performances from national and international flamenco artists as well as classes by professional teachers. The festival is very distinguishable in the Tampere street view and it also offers an arena for flamenco hobbyists to perform.

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Narva – autumn capital of Estonia

From September to October Narva carries the title of the autumn cultural capital of Estonia. This symbolic designation demonstrates the favourable attitude from city of Tallinn towards Narva and its interest to revive the local life as well as give an opportunity to demonstrate its attractive side. Tallinn passes on the symbolic status of the Estonian capital to Türi in spring, then in summer to Pärnu and finally to Narva in autumn. The agenda of the autumn capital programme is varied and full of activities, most of which have the national status.