Tampere Flamenco Festival

Tampere Flamenco Festival is the biggest and longest-running flamenco festival in the Nordic countries. For over two decades it has presented performances from national and international flamenco artists as well as classes by professional teachers. The festival is very distinguishable in the Tampere street view and it also offers an arena for flamenco hobbyists to perform.

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Narva – autumn capital of Estonia

From September to October Narva carries the title of the autumn cultural capital of Estonia. This symbolic designation demonstrates the favourable attitude from city of Tallinn towards Narva and its interest to revive the local life as well as give an opportunity to demonstrate its attractive side. Tallinn passes on the symbolic status of the Estonian capital to Türi in spring, then in summer to Pärnu and finally to Narva in autumn. The agenda of the autumn capital programme is varied and full of activities, most of which have the national status.

Festival of preserved food “Summer into the jar”

The last summer event in Narva Castle’s Northern Yard is the traditional Festival “Summer into a Jar”. Usually, during the first day of the event berries and frits are preserved and jammed, while on the second day the preservation of vegetables and mushrooms is done. You can share your experiences, exchange the
recipes and try some unusual ideas. If visitors wish to take part in the Festival and “trap summer in a jar” they should inform organizers in advance.

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Festival of Lights

Traditional annual opening of the Christmas season, where families are invited to light torches and enjoy a magnificent display of fireworks. Torchlight procession round Lille Lungegardsvann lake in the heart of Bergen.