Jurmala Jazz

A concert cycle for jazz music lovers that offers an opportunity to enjoy an outstanding and world known performances of jazz musicians.
On March 25 the prominent German trumpet player and pianist Sebastian Studnitzky together with his trio and one of the most outstanding string instrumental ensembles – a string quartet "Sinfonietta Rīga";
On April 29 performance will be given by the charming French Dominican jazz singer Cyrille Aimee with her band.

A survey on investment in energy-efficient street lighting

The survey on barriers and opportunities for investment in energy-efficient street lighting is a part of the Dynamic Light project http://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/Dynamic-Light.html , which aims to promote dynamic, intelligent and energy-efficient lighting. The survey response will help better understand, identify and suggest suitable models to finance it.

Invitation to participate and co-create the programme of UBC's General Conference in Växjö

“Leadership for the future – cities as leaders for glocal sustainable development"

UBC's XIV General Conference will be held on 24–27 October 2017 in Växjö, "The Greenest City in Europe". The main theme of the XIV UBC General Conference, which also celebrates UBC's 25th Anniversary, will be “Leadership for the future – cities as leaders for glocal sustainable development”.

Karlskrona Archipelago Fest

A festival in the middle of the beautiful archipelago of Karlskrona. During the dates 1st - 6th of August, Karlskrona Archipelago Festival takes place. A festival where the world heritage's unique history meets the modern city life! There will be lot's of music, food, guided tours out of the ordinary - memorable days in Karlskrona!
Some of the activities during the week of the event:
-International foodmarket.
- Tivoli.
- Concerts on Stortorget.
- Children activities on Stumholmen.
- Guided tours and boat tours.


A big market called “Lövmarknaden” with 500 traders. Enjoy the market which is a great tradition in Karlskrona - a kind of festival with stalls, food and music!

The day before Midsummer there is a special day in Karlskrona, a great market on the town square.
Open between 8am - 21pm.
Lövmarknaden has existed in one form or another, according to ancient sources, for over 200 years! A well kept tradition in karlskrona.
Enjoy a festival with market, food and music. The Main Square and the surrounding streets are filled with stalls and people.