“Palanga Smelt 2016”

Guests are welcome by the smelt smelling of cucumbers, traditional treats are offered for fishers and the guests, fisher’s melodies are heard. On this day you can not only taste smelt cooked in many different ways but participate in various competitions, watch Smelt Grill Championship. Every year the feast is adorned by winter swimmers who swim in the ice cold sea. 
More information: Phone +370 460 48 547, e-mail: palangoskc@centras.lt , www.palangoskulturoscentras.lt

The concert series of Chamber Music “Kurhaus Autumn”

More than a hundred year the word Kurhaus sounds in Palanga resort. For some people it is a remembrance of an old and romantic Palanga, while for others it is the place of entertainment which reminds the youth, the place full of so many names. Each time period formed the own image of Palanga resort website.
More information:  Phone. +370 460 48 547, e-mail: palangoskc@centras.lt, www.palangoskulturoscentras.lt

Festival “Palanga Table 2016”

As the end of the summer season, Palanga invites its citizens and guests to enjoy its final activities and commemorate an international day of tourism. The people who are gathered here are invited to sit down with a neighbour, pal, friend or guests near the longest table in the country and not only taste traditional potato pancakes, cooked pig and fish soup cooked right here by the fishermen, but also to admire the craftworks of Palanga artists.

Classical music concert series “Night Serenades”

In one of the most beautiful places in the seaside, in Birutė park, in the southern part of the Amber museum terrace the concerts of Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra “Night Serenades” are being held. It is a special atmosphere creating series of events that make the audience and the music artists get closer. These unique series of concerts of Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra are being held annually since 1971 by the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society. Every year the audience is invited to enjoy the music in an open air.

Music festival of M. K. Čiurlionis

Lithuanian artist composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875-1911), a unique figure in the history of European arts, has left a profound imprint on Lithuanian culture. This summer the International M. K. Čiurlionis Music Festival will bring together the fans of classical music in Palanga again. The events taking place in different places of resort will grab the attention of the audience by the new, attractive and for this special festival prepared programs of Lithuanian and foreign celebrities as well as young talents.

Brass Music Concerts Cycle “Summer of the Brass”

The tradition of the wind music concerts in the park during the summer season has already existed for 110 years. The guests of the resort and all lovers of wind music can listen to the classical, popular and original wind music concerts in Palanga Birutė park every summer on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 6:30 p. m
Phone +370 460 48 547, e-mail: palangoskc@centras.lt, www.palangoskulturoscentras.lt


Movits! the hip-hop band from Luleå, with its eclectic mix of rap beats and wind instruments have managed to lay the world at his feet. They started out in a small town in northern Sweden and now plays in world metropolises like New York, Tokyo , Paris and Shanghai. Nothing unusual perhaps for a band from a country that produced more musical success stories per capita than any other in the world. But add to that Movits! made it with songs in the Swedish language and you get a story that stands hard to match .