Pruszcz Gdański invites investors

The town of Pruszcz Gdański attracts entrepreneurs through the construction of road and technical infrastructure to facilitate the future entrepreneurs functioning on the market.

Since 5 years, lower property tax rates have been applied to the buildings where a new enterprise is set up. Also, lower rates of tax on means of transport are used in Pruszcz Gd.

The town is open to co-operation on culture, education and sport.

Youth Guarantee seminar in Estonia

The conference ‘Community guarantee or how can the community support young people neither in employment nor in education or training?’ will take place on Thursday, 9 November from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Hotel Lydia in Tartu (Ülikooli 14, Tartu). To know more about Estonia, prior to the conference there will be also organised study visit in Tartu. The workshop will focus on how to build and strengthen cross-sectorial and transnational cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region.

Statutory UBC General Assembly convened in Växjö

During the XIV UBC General Conference, the statutory UBC General Assembly convened and, among other issues, elected UBC officials for the next two-year period.

UBC Executive Board 2017–2019
Næstved, Denmark
Elva, Estonia
Lahti, Finland
Rostock, Germany
Liepāja, Latvia
Tauragė, Lithuania
Kristiansand, Norway
Gdynia, Poland
St. Petersburg, Russia
Växjö, Sweden
Gdańsk, Poland – observer

Digital Cities Challenge

Join the European Commission challenge to transform your city with free policy advice and coaching from high-level European experts, in your local language. Call for applications in now open.

UBC members cities are invited to participate in a digitalisation programme curated by the EU’s COSME programme and executed by a partnership led by Technopolis Group.

12.03.2018 to 14.03.2018

Being a follow-up of the conference on the impact of the European refugees crisis in the Baltic cities, organized in Rostock in March 2016, the UBC Conference on Integration "Sharing the European Dream" will try to address the questions on the role of migration in the cities development. How should our cities be in 20 years? How to master the integration of new citizens as full members of the society? How to live, work and learn together to share the European dream?

21.10.2017 to 28.10.2017

One of the UBC’s special emphasises has for some years been youth participation. Parallel to the XIV UBC General Conference, UBC Youthful Cities Commission organises a Youth Conference with over 60 participants, focusing on young people’s role in decision-making and shaping our common future.