Garden festival of Jaunmokas Palace

Garden festival of Jaunmokas Palace – in honour of centenary of Latvia and autumn blossoms

There will be an acoustic concert in the park of the Palace during the day, “plays of flowers”, exhibitions in the premises of the Palace. Traditionally, there will be the concert of academical music in the evening in the Hall of Columns. This year, in honour of the centenary of Latvia, there will be choir music of Latvian composers. After the concert visitors are invited to enjoy an atmosphere of the enlightened park till the midnight.

Rose Festival in Tukums

Tukums - a town, which was once known as Rose Town. The event gathers florists from Latvia and abroad to make innovative rose compositions, and everyone can contribute to making the largest garland of roses in the world or take part in The Rose Wheels — a crazy race in a self-made non-mechanical vehicle. You will have a chance to savour nature and the allure of the rose world at the rose nursery “Rozītes”, which boasts the widest variety of historical, English, Chinese, Japanese and other types of roses, totalling more than 300 varieties.

Register to the 9th EUSBSR Annual Forum!

The 9th EUSBSR Annual Forum will be organised in Tallinn, Estonia, on 4-5 June 2018! Registration is open until 18 May.

Three plenaries with internationally acknowledged speakers, 21 seminars encompassing a variety of topics timely to the EUSBSR, and live demonstration to show rescuers on the field. Networking Village with valuable contacts and Speakers corner with outstanding ideas.


The 82nd UBC Executive Board meeting will be held in Malmö on 18 October 2018.


The first meeting of the UBC Working Group on Gender Equality in 2018, will be held in Tallinn in connection with the 9th Annual Forum of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region 4-5 June 2018 (

Date: Tuesday, 5th from 8:30-12:00

Invitation to the Participation Day in Tallinn

The Participation Day will take place on 4 June 2018 in Tallinn, back-to-back with the EUSBSR Annual Forum. The aim of the event is to attract local and regional levels to take part in EUSBSR cooperation and present concrete project proposals and concepts.

The event has been planned together with the Association of Estonian Cities and Municipalities. Last year the first Participation Day gathered some 60 stakeholders to Berlin. In total 21 project proposals were presented.

Verevi Beach Festival

Lake Verevi is one of the warmest lakes in Estonia. Warm water, sandy beach area with different activities has invited lot of visitors from the 20th century. During hot summer days it might be challenge to find the place for lying down you towel. This year beach is also a festival ground where you can see the best performers in Estonia.

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