"Make noise!"

Girlpower deluxe!
This multifaceted award-winning Australian show is being played for sold-out houses around the world, celebrated by the press and audience.
"Make noise!" Refuse to be quiet! With burlesque, poetry, dance, comedy and song, Hot Brown Honey keeps the audience in a hot iron mood throughout the show. In a hefty way, Hot Brown Honey fights against power, crushing preconceived sentences, creates reflection and pepper for change.

Festival: Live at Heart

One of Scandinavia's largest music eventsBook into the 2 to 8 September in the calendar and get ready for an explosive-filled week of music, movie and party!Live at Heart is a city festival in the heart of Örebro, with around 200 participating acts and over 300 concerts is one of Scandinavia's biggest music events. The festival offers music from all genres and chances are that you will find your new favorite band of us.


Finally! Sweden's most popular social media tour comes to Orebro Heyou is a family event where you as a young man gets a chance to meet your idols, take a picture, challenge each other in a challenge, or record a musically together. Heyou is also the place where you as a parent have the chance to learn about social media and take note of what your child's life. Heyou consists of 2 events for the family (STAGE and Festival). Stage is a stage show featuring some of the hottest artists on stage and the festival's Saturday event is known as the cuddliest meet and greet festival.

Latin America in Focus

The film festival that takes a whole continent to Malmö
New movies, new stories ... and always the little man in focus in the festival like for the sixteenth consecutive year takes Latin America to Malmö. Beyond clichés, and by raising both famous and young filmmakers from the continent, Latin America joins Focus in its program, culture, knowledge and commitment.

The stamp of Unicef

The stamp of Unicef. Challenge your colleagues, friends or family and run this year's coolest relay race!
A sensation night full of fragile cooperation. A playful teambuilding that gives energy and memories that last well into the fall. Gather a team of five people and join in on the funniest race of the year. One after another you run the 5-kilometer lane located in Hyllie. When everyone is in goal, you are invited to a well-deserved picnic bag in our After Run area.

Historical Bicycle Exhibition

Roland Jakobssons anique collection of bicycles spans over a 100 years and will be shown to the public at Norrbottens museum. The most important pieces of the bicycles evolution took place in the years between 1867 and 1897, after that period there has only been minor changes in design and improvment. What a thought, to get a fully evolved bicycle in roughly 30 years. Such a revolution!

More information: http://visitlulea.se/en/besoekare/tellus/1325876/Historical-Bicycle-Exhi...