Mihkli Fair

Just like 'Amen' in church, the Mihkli fair is a must for all traders and buyers on the third Saturday of July every year.

The Mihkli fair was revived in 1989 and has been consistently organised ever since. Historically, the fair was held on Michaelmas in the autumn, when animals and farm goods were traded.

More information: https://kultuur.info/event/mihkli-fair-3/

Secrets of the Opera

Secrets of the Opera Stories about music, opera arias, Russian romances. Concert-lecture in two parts. We invite you to an exciting journey into the world of music. In the first part, arias from operas of Tchaikovsky, Bizet and Mozart will sound. Each performance will be introduced with a short story, which will help you to get deeply engrossed in the historical and literary context of the compositions. In the second part, old and classical Russian romances will be performed.

1974 Tribute to ABBA

The success is finally back in Sweden! This spring, the 1974 ABBA Tribute comes to Norrland for a long awaited tour. Most recently they were on Swedish ground they played for sold out houses. This established British ensemble has toured with such greats as Rod Stewart, Shania Twain, Kylie Minogue, and others. Do you love ABBA, singing and partying? Then you do not want to miss this magical evening!

Baby Rave

Come and dance with your child. We offer popcorn! This is how “Parental leave friends” works This is for everyone who is on parental leave and wants to experience culture in Luleå with their children. We gather families who have lived here for a long time and those who have just come here! Together we create memories, new acquaintances and share exciting experiences. On eleven occasions, starting December 2018, you and your child can experience creativity in the art gallery's studio, performing arts for children, baby singing, baby raven and more!