Best of Poetry Slam in der Stadthalle Greifswald

Best of Poetry Slam, das ist, wenn sich Dichter*innen und Poet*innen, Geschichtenerzähler*innen und Prolet*innen, die Mutigen und die Wilden, die Nerds und die Stillen begegnen und nur mit Worten und Gesten gegeneinander antreten. Der Preis? Nichts weniger als Adrenalin und Applaus, Euphorie, ein Publikum, das entscheidet, ob das gerade Quatsch oder Rausch, kurzum: ob dieser Text vielleicht die beste Geschichte aller Zeiten ist. Ein Publikum, das du bist.

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History of the Earth

You can follow the adventurous journey of amber, in the basement 50 million years after its formation; core samples reveal fossils from a million year, fossil remains: ammonites, seashells or sponges. People with an inquisitive mind can explore the Cretaceous period in the depth of our three-dimensional miniature model of the Cretaceous sea. Today you can find the legacy of the Cretaceous directly at the Pomeranian coastline. After the excursion into the early geological periods of our planet you encounter the omnipresent trail of the Ice Age.

Bergen Christmas Market

Bergen Christmas Market is opening this year for the very first time, right in the heart of Bergen at Festplassen square. Open from 7 - 23 December 2017.
Handmade, homemade, edible and maybe even a gift made by the artists themselves while you wait.

City of Gastronomy Bergen, with its patisseries and chefs from all four corners of the world, have whetted their Christmas appetites and are offering the very best of Christmas food, bakes and seasonal flavours.

Baltic Sea and (Outer) Space. New perspective for our region

BALTIC SEA & SPACE CLUSTER is a key Maritime and Space Cluster in Central and Eastern Europe, an active cluster player in the Baltic Sea Region and the EU, as well as a member of the European Network of Maritime Clusters, United Nation Global Compact and The European Cluster Collaboration Platform. The BALTIC SEA & SPACE CLUSTER focuses on transferring knowledge and organizing business, science and administration cooperation in a global and regional scale. The cluster thinks globally, acts locally and globally.