36. Tartu Forest Marathon

Tartu Running Marathon (or Tartu Jooksumaraton), the biggest cross-country running event in the Baltics, got itself a new name and is now called Tartu Forest Marathon. Also, a 42 km distance has been added to the program. Every year about 4000 runners participate in the event. Therefore 42, 23, 10 and 5 km distances are available this year. The 42 and 23 km races start from Otepää, Tehvandi Sports Center and finishes in Elva - same places where the legendary Tartu Marathon starts and finishes. 10 and 5 km races start and finish in Elva.

Hiking Marathon 2018: Elva 80

The fifth Hiking marathon takes us on the trails located in Elva town, celebrating the 80th birthday of town rights. Purpose of this event is to promote nature, health and Elva as recreational area. Event contains warmup, daylong hiking with some interesting elements, hiking soup and lottery. If you want to spend nice active day, you are welcome to join us!

More information:
Elva Culture Foundation
Phone: +372 7330 132

SALWA festival

The May holiday will be a great opportunity to spend time together in the city space, get to know local artists, exhibitors, participate in numerous workshops, games and animations.
Cultural animators and instructors will provide an unforgettable fun for all those who enjoy an active way of spending time, offering physical activities, games or art workshops.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/salwa.fest/

Forum for ecological municipal building construction 'Komunalwood 2018'

Forum for ecological municipal building construction 'Komunalwood 2018' is now taking place in Gdańsk. UBC is one of the co-organisers of the Forum.

The main aim of this event is promotion of modern standards in wooden, passive and energy efficient buildings’ construction of public facilities. Technologies and good practices in this field are presented. Yesterday the participants during the study tour learned about completed modular public facilities in Gdańsk: kindergarten, nursery, municipal building.