Commemoration of Expulsion of the Bolsheviks from Panevėžys Region and the Night of Museums

The city community, youth, soldiers, music groups will take part in the commemoration. They will march from Laisvės Square to the museum.
The Night of Museums is an event taking place once a year. At not traditional time, in the space of the museum the staff of cultural institutions gather. They are museum people, theatre people, musicians. All of them donate an event to all: youth, families, seniors, those cherishing traditions and enjoying active free time.

Festival of Chamber Performances

It is a traditional event where the best performances of professional theatres are presented. It is a unique project of Aukštaitija region providing the possibility the visitors of Panevėžys City and the surrounding districts to get acquainted with creative works of Lithuanian theatres and the theatres from abroad.

The Festival of Great Rebirth, Hope, Youth, Love and Music "The Spring of Freedom"

The Festival of Great Rebirth, Hope, Youth, Love and Music “The Spring of Freedom“ is a project developing citizenship, strengthening the ties of generations, making the history of Lithuania meaningful and connecting important events to the state of Lithuania and its inhabitants. These are the Day of the State and the Day of Re-establiehment of Independence of Lithuania. All the values are reflected in music, literature, theatre and dance. Events, concerts, educational programmes, discos, evenings for all age groups are organised.

Day of Freedom Fighters

Campaign „Memory is Alive because you Witness it“.  Sparking of candles on remembrance of freedom fighters.  Participants: educational, cultural and other institutions.
Hoisting of flag by the City Hall.
Commemoration at Sausio 13-osios Square. Concert programme of the choir “Aukuras“ from Klaipėda.  A fire, Laužas, soldiers porridge, tea.