NOLO - a play of embarrassment

Produced by Noli in autumn 2017, Pori's Student Theater is a performance created by the devising theater about embarrassment, difficulty and embarrassing situations. The play is based on the actor's own embarrassing experience, mirrored by almost every sense of embarrassment and embarrassment.Do you know it for a while when someone sits in the bus too close? Has a sun friend ever missed food in your teeth and you dare not say it?
Do you remember the sun's sex dating moment? What is embarrassment? When is the other staring or shaking when faced with the face?

Baby color bath

Baby color bath

The baby's color bath is a visual arts workshop for babies. The workshop is about to experience, sensate, and detect materials, colors and light after self-produced. Baby traces, visual gestures and activities are considered significant and important. Visual self-expression is meaningful to man and gives pleasure!

DOF lecture: The three monotheistic religions

The three monotheistic religions, similarities and differences. The lecture is based on what religion is at all. Is it a matter of identity, or is it only something you choose as a kind of item? There are different attitudes to them and we will first look at them. In any case, we must recognize that there is more than ever to know something about the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam - the three great monotheistic religions, their community and their differences: how and why.

Contemporary Art Festival VIRUS

It’s the only one and the biggest professional art festival in North Lithuania. During the festival for the city community and guests are presenting the newest contemporary art projects in visual, fashion, theater, literature, media, education, film and music areas. Art community and the audience are waiting for this important cultural festival , which are expanding contemporary art concept and people audience which are interested in art.

Democratic and unique festival environment are creating suitable terms for young  and known artists creative starts.