Glenn Miller Orchestra - Christmas Concert

If you love the music of Glenn Miller and christmas songs, this is the show for you!
Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia is led by Jan Slottenäs that plays by license from Glenn Miller Productions, Inc, New York USA. The orchestra, that has its base in Stockholm, is regularely on tour in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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International Festival sand sculpture

Right on the spot sculptors from Belgium, Germany, Canada, China, Taiwan, and France create unique works of art, and to admire them, people line up in long queuesSpecial workshops are held for children, where they can learn more about the basic principles of working on sand sculptures and, together with the masters, create figures made of sand.

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International Festival of modern Art "Diaghilev. P.S."

The festival was created in 2009 - the year of the century of the Russian Seasons by Sergei Diaghilev in St. Petersburg - and has become one of the largest cultural events in Russia

The mission of the festival is to promote creative and cultural exchange between Russia and the rest of the world, to represent the most significant and innovative works and phenomena in various genres of art, to open new talents.