Elbląg Chamber Orchestra

Elbląg Chamber Orchestra starts the third edition of "Music for the Kid's Ear” - educational concerts accompanied by games and activities combining music with history, art, dance and theater. Elbląg Orchestra will take the youngest music lovers to the land of fairytales. Concerts will take place not only in Elbląg, but also in Pasłęk and Braniewo.

New calls for cooperation projects in the Baltic Sea Region

The Swedish Institute seeks to strengthen Sweden's relations and develop cooperation with the countries around the Baltic Sea and the countries of the Eastern Partnership.
The Swedish Institute provides funding for project cooperation in the region. During the autumn there are new calls for two financing instruments: Seed funding for cooperation projects and funding for Third Country Participation.

Conference on Extended Youth Guarantee

The conference on Extended Youth Guarantee will take place on the 17th of October at the Stockholm Region EU Office on Avenue Marnix 28 in Brussels.
The purpose of the conference is to highlight successful initiatives that have taken place at national and transnational level.  During the event there will be a platform for exchange of opinions from various actors about successful efforts in the past that have provided valuable inputs for continuous work but require a common vision for the entire EU.

UBC Seminar on International City Marketing and Business Marketing

UBC and the City of Rostock invite you to get updated with the currents of international city, business and NGO marketing in Rostock on 28–29 November 2018!

The seminar is part of the work of UBC's Communications Network and is open to all representatives of the UBC cities who are interested in the topics of international communications and marketing.

Time and venue

28–29 November 2018, Rostock City Hall

Themes and speakers