Opening ride of tourism season TWEED RIDE

In Latvia the first tweed ride was organised in May 2010 in Liepāja by the Latvian old-fashioned bicycle club with more than 100 participants. Every year with the opening of tourism season, Liepāja’s streets hold also the parade of old-fashioned bicycles and retro outfits or the TWEED RIDE. Several hundred ladies and gentlemen dressed in tweed will go on united ride on their antique bikes in the streets of Liepāja to enjoy the city’s old, antique aura.

Meet Your Master

The event of non-material cultural heritage preservation: MEET YOUR MASTER.
The master craftswomen from Folk Art and Culture Centre decorative art studios KURSA, LIEPAVA, ZĪTARS welcome to participate in workshops where you can learn weaving, colouring with colours from plants, Irish lace crochet, making of ethnic signs, amber work, and other crafts.
Decorative Art Centre DĀRZA IELA

Award Ceremony “Goda un Gada Liepājnieks 2016”

Award ceremony “Goda un Gada Liepājnieks 2015” (Honorary Citizen and Citizen of the Year of Liepaja) is held annually on March 18th - Liepaja city birthday. Award honours people for their exceptional accomplishments for the city and its citizens. Titles are awarded on the remarkable deeds in favour of Liepaja. Excellence is considered on both - individual achievements and longstanding, exemplary and successful activity.
Concert hall “GREAT AMBER”


Exhibition "My dream profession"

In Latvia yet unprecedented, unique and interactive animation exhibition “My Dream Profession”, where on large-scale interactive light cube will be projected best drawings of Liepaja’s and the nearest county children and youth (aged 3 to 16 years), who have participated in competition "My dream profession" of creative arts and design.
Concert hall “GREAT AMBER”



Days are getting longer and trees are coming into leaf. It’s high time for the first jump into the floods of the Baltic Sea.
There will also be an opportunity to try stand-up paddle boarding and win great prices.
“Anbaden” takes place at Seebadeanstalt Düsternbrook, Kiellinie.