Tjust Gala

Tjust Gala is the unforgettable evening of glitz and glamor, then this year's winners of the business community in the municipality of Västervik are in the spotlight. An evening of experiences!
The magnificent atmosphere at the awards ceremony, the music, the finishing touch, the beautiful table decorations and especially the evening show will Tjust Gala make it on the national arena.

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Umeå Jazz Festival

Since 1968, the highlight of all jazz music events in Sweden is the Umeå International Jazz Festival, one of Scandinavia’s oldest and most respectable festivals. The majority of the performances will take place on different stages and venues at Umeå Folkets Hus, every stage has a different character.

Umeå European Film Festival

A film festival in Umeå at Väven. The festival includes a large selection of films, guests and seminars.
This year the festival includes a carefully chosen selection of contemporary European cinema and locally produced films, as well as lots of events such as film quizzes, seminars with visiting filmmakers, an unforgettable sing-along and lots more!

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Exhibition in Kulturmagasinet

Exhibit exciting items and hear the story behind.

Scale glass from Trelleborg´s glass factory and robust working ceramics manufactured by Söderslätts fineest clay. Exciting items from Colombia, spinning rocks and fenced trees - crafty made by lovers of love. Fun toys, precious gramophone, exquisite musical instruments. The exhibition takes about 45 minutes and includes only the upper floor of the magazine.