28.11.2018 to 29.11.2018

UBC and the City of Rostock invite you to get updated with the currents of international city, business and NGO marketing in Rostock on 28–29 November 2018!

The seminar is part of the work of UBC's Communications Network and is open to all representatives of the UBC cities who are interested in the topics of international communications and marketing.

Golden ABBA Show

Experience ABBA's story again! Stunning singers, dancers and the orchestra will create such a fireworks show that viewers reach the middle of Abba's. In the Golden ABBA Show, you will see the Finnish front-line performers who interpret polyphonic ABBA hits with such a skill that they can not ignore the viewer. The Abba Nights include Capri Selo (Amberian Dawn), Piritta Lumous (Manzana), Olli Kärki and also Marko Lämsä, familiar to the tango.

More information: https://www.porvoo.fi/golden-abba-show-1