The successful implementation of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) and its objectives depends on the broadest possible mobilization and participation of stakeholders in all respective countries. Strong bottom-up participation and sense of “ownership” by various stakeholders - both in policy shaping and practical implementation - significantly contribute to the success of the Strategy.

Call for Participation - Projekt Hansa Annual Youth Event 2019

Projekt Hansa is organising the first edition of its Annual Youth Conference to promote partnerships and mutual understanding between young people from Northern Europe, and exchange views on business and cultural topics of concern to the new generations.
The event is set to take place in Brussels (Belgium) at the European Parliament on 20 February — with arrivals on the 19th. The agenda comprises two panels on Northern European trade and culture, as well as workshops dedicated to communication, leadership, and networking.

Choose Kindness Charity Event

Harry Styles Finland is organizing a charity event called Choose Kindness. The project around the event will start in the beginning of January when there's a possibility to donate money to Finnish cancer foundation via Harry Styles Finland.

The project will culminate on the 27th of January when people can leave positive notes and messages on the board located at Narinkkatori.

At 13.00 there is a music and dance performance at the Senate Square.
Later all the positive notes will be handed out.

Infinite widths

The universe is unimaginably large and beautiful. This journey takes us from the earth to the vastness of space. The goal is to grasp the unimaginable distances and to get a sense of the variety and beauty that we encounter in the vast expanses. The live moderation and musical sequences to amaze and enjoy are essential points of a sensitive exploration of space.

More information: https://www.kiel.de/de/kultur_freizeit/museum/_kalendereintrag.php?22298...

Narva Energy Run (Narva Energiajooks)

The Narva Energy Run (Narva Energiajooks) includes a 7 km run, walking/Nordic walking and a 21.1 km run. The running trail goes along the streets of Narva, passing historic bastions, fortifications, the Alexander's Cathedral and many other exciting buildings. The Narva Energy Run is an unique possibility to run on the most eastward track of the European Union, on the beautiful shore of River Narva.