Every year in November Greifswald immerses deeply into the fascinating world of Polish culture. For the 18th time the Polish culture festival will invite authors, musical acts and performers, who will make you forget the usual November dreariness.                             

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Festival “A Day with Caspar David Friedrich”

The Day of Caspar David Friedrich invites visitors to get to know the period of Romanticism, a time when Friedrich lives, more closely by e.g. visiting original places where the artist lived and worked as well as by different events and activities which make visitors perceive the world through the eyes of the painters.     
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International Students Festival

During the festival, visitors will be able to participate in workshops dealing with different aspects of our festival motto: “Beyond Borders – Where are Your Limits?”. Morality & Ethics, the European Union, language, music or the internet constitute only a few of the workshop topics. Participants have the opportunity to look into one of these topics, to discuss freely and get to know different perspectives and experiences.

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