Rally Estonia: Elva City Stage

Shell Helix Rally Estonia, the biggest autosports event in the Baltics will be run on 13-15 of July in Tartu and on fast South-Estonian gravel roads. One goal the organisers set was to have WRC teams competing in Estonia. Now, six months before the event we can announce that Hyundai Motorsport’s Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC with Hayden Paddon and Sebastian Marshall will start at Shell Helix Rally Estonia 2018.

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Tartu County XX Folk Dance Day

20th Tartu County Folk Dance Festival is inspired by the celebratory years of festival itself, Elva town 80 and Estonia 100. Concert performance bring different folk dancers from the county all together, showing the beauty of the folk dance. In some years, when there are no bigger festivals happening, it’s also season ending party.

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Elva Culture Foundation
Phone: +372 7457 201

Filter Road Cup: 33. Elva Cycling Race

Elva circuit is in many ways an average race course - moderately hilly, moderately windy, moderately winding. Therefore it has something to offer for all types of cyclists - those who like ascents as well as those who like smooth sections with crosswinds. The highlight of the circuit is the last 5 kilometres. In this section the course ascends and ascends, culminating in a hilltop finish at the edge of Elva. This makes Elva one of the most diverse races in the series.
Distances: Long distance 87,2 km (2 laps: 43,6 km + 43,6 km), Short distance 43,6 km  (1 lap: 43,6 km).

36. Tartu Forest Marathon

Tartu Running Marathon (or Tartu Jooksumaraton), the biggest cross-country running event in the Baltics, got itself a new name and is now called Tartu Forest Marathon. Also, a 42 km distance has been added to the program. Every year about 4000 runners participate in the event. Therefore 42, 23, 10 and 5 km distances are available this year. The 42 and 23 km races start from Otepää, Tehvandi Sports Center and finishes in Elva - same places where the legendary Tartu Marathon starts and finishes. 10 and 5 km races start and finish in Elva.