Kotka Maritime Festival

Annual Kotka Maritime festival is a city-wide festival that encompasses arts, music, sport and whole family fun. It attracts around 200 000 visitors to hundreds of events around Kotka main island and nearly islands. The festival is over 50 years old and rooted in the sea and harbor culture. These days it offers a variety of activities and attracts families with children and people with roots and affiliation to Kotka and a huge crowd from Kymenlaakso and Uusimaa and greater Helsinki area.

Kotka Fish Market

The traditional Fish market in Kotka at Sapokka square is twice a year: in spring and autumn. At the fish market, there is a great variety of fish foods and tools for fish processing, fishing equipment and many other products made in Finland and Kotka. The market is open on both days at 10-16.
You can also try a traditional Kotka baltic herring fish freshly fried.

More information: www.merikala.fi

Icebreaker Sampo

The Iceberaker Sampo offers a unique cruise experience on the Gulf of Bothnia right outside the city center of Kemi. The union of the majestic steel, ice and sea is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. Sampo has operated since 1961, first as an icebreaker for the Finnish government, and in tourism since 1988. A cruise on Sampo offers you the most exciting, memorable moments in the Arctic nature; while the huge vessel breaks ice, you may admire the beauty of vast open ice fields all around, and the ever changing sky above.

SnowCastle of Kemi opened the doors to Winter Wonderland

Everything made of snow and ice

The construction work of the winter wonderland in Kemi started in Christmas time by making the snow out of the sea water. This process is possible when the sea is totally frozen and the temperature stays below 7 C minus. The ice to decorate the castle, and to make the tables to the SnowRestaurant, is cut and lifted also from the sea. Everything is made only from natural materials - snow and ice, and you need plenty of it, as the 3700 m2 in total and over 2000m2 indoor area in this snowy castle demands a lot of building material.

Latvia 100. Events in Cēsis

Celebrating Latvia's centenary, the festivities will also take place in the homeland of the flag of Latvia – in Cēsis. The inhabitants of Cēsis and guests of the city will be invited to take part in the birthday party of the State. As usual, celebratory events will be free, when everyone will be able to enjoy the festive concert with groups of amateur artists and well-known artists.
Outdoor activities are also scheduled with a warm-up singing and various creative activities.

Festival “Cello Cēsis”

The Concert Hall “Cēsis” organizes the International Cello Music Festival, which takes place every year in September. “Cello Cēsis” is the first cello festival in the Baltics and the Nordic Region and aims at exposing the audience to the unique voice of the cello and the different sounds in the performance of both the world-famous cellists and young musicians.


In Latvia, it's the only free rock music festival lasting for two days, which already the fifth time will traditionally take place within the Cēsis City Celebration. Having attracted several tens of thousands of visitors to the open-air stage of the Castle Park, it has become one of the most significant rock events in the region. During the two-day event, both home-famous musicians and special guests from abroad are on the stage.