St. Dominic's Fair

The tradition of St Dominic’s Fair dates back to the 13th century. On the final Saturday of July, throngs of merchants from Germany, France, England and even Spain and Portugal would come arrive in Gdańsk. Over 400 ships were known to call at the harbour with French and Spanish wine, silk, preserves, Portuguese spices, English tin and cloth. Circus acts, acrobats, jugglers and actors’ troupes would come from far and wide.

International Festival of Modern Art “Plartforma”

International Festival  of Modern Art “Plartforma” in 2015 an international festival of contemporary art “Plartforma” will take place for the 10th time in Klaipeda. The main idea of the festival "Plartforma" is to combine forms of visual and performing arts, as well as attract artists from Lithuania and abroad on one cultural platform. Representatives of different arts are welcome to attend this festival.

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Sea Festival

It is the main event of Klaipėda city, celebrated since 1934. During the festival there are more than 100 various cultural events (concerts, fairs, exhibitions, artistic actions, ceremonies of seamen, etc.) Twin–cities are encouraged to make worthy sea relating piece of program proposals  for the Organizer directly.  (The proposals will be selected and included into the general Sea Festival program exclusively by the Organizer).

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