Gdańsk Day

A series of cultural and open-air events to celebrate the anniversary of the Great Royal Privilege given to Gdańsk by King Casimir the Jagiellon in recognition of the city’s services to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

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Opening of the Sailing Season in Gdańsk

The official opening of the sailing season in Gdańsk, complete with a Yacht Rally at the quays of the Fish Market (Targ Rybny). The 24-hour event has an incredibly rich agenda including a Sailor’s Town with theme stalls, presentations, shows, regattas and dragon boat races. As has become tradition, the event’s finale is a parade of yachts and other vessels on the River Motława.
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Gdańsk Music Festival

Early and contemporary music concerts in the most beautiful Gdańsk interiors. The Gdańsk Music Festival continues a project that was initiated in 2008. The festival’s format is open. However, every edition’s programme reflects the individual message of a particular festival and its Artist in Residence.

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Join the 1st International Week of Dance in Rostock

For the first time in history, the City of Rostock will host the 1st International Week of Dance. Dancers from Germany and Europe will gather in Rostock, to train and work out together, dance, get to know each other, make friends from other countries and, most importantly, learn from each other.

Programme highlights

· Workshops in different styles and levels
· Classes for youngsters and adults
· Top - class teachers
· A rich cultural program
· Possibilities for group performances
· Free - time activities

Seniors’ Artistic Meetings

Senior music bands and folk bands from across Poland take part in this autumn event. The bands present traditional music and culture from the regions they hail from. The audience can enjoy competition concerts held at the Cultural Centre, as well as many outdoor concerts. The event has a nice vibe with all the colourful folk dresses and interesting regional peculiarities. It is a great opportunity for seniors  from all over Poland to meet and enjoy this quality time together.

Summer Kite Festival

Championship for lovers of kitesurfing, a spectacular sport in which a surfer rides the waves propelled by the power of the wind. The event promotes kitesurfing and other beach activities, and is a real treat for contenders, tourists and all beach goers who can watch incredible acrobatics during the day, and in the evening interact with the surfers and have fun at the Beach Party.

18th Athletics Meeting

It is a sports and recreational event that culminates in the outdoor Athletics Meeting held in memory of Polish athletes Wladyslaw Komar and Tadeusz Slusarski who died tragically in a car crash on the road leading from Miedzyzdroje to Szczecin. The event combines entertainment (such as the shot put contest for VIPs) with professional sports competitions (pole vault and shot put competitions).

Best Children’s Day on the Islands

An event addressed to the children residing and holidaying in the commune of Miedzydroje. Every year new events are added to the celebration of the Children’s Day, so you can expect a lot to be happening that will make it a special day: face painting, drawing competitions, fantastic slides, football matches for the youngest kids, wellington boot throwing competition, bow and arrow shooting, golfing lessons, wrestling show, uniformed services show (policemen, firefighters, border guards).