Conference: Resort – cultural and historical landscape and space

Conference: Resort – cultural and historical landscape and space

The main aim of the conference  is  the  exchange  of  experience  between  researchers,  professionals  and institutions  involved  in  the  resort  of  cultural  and  historical  heritage in the use and research. History,  cultural  history,  architecture  and  urban  planning  experts,  as  well  as  tourism and museum professionals are invited to participate in the conference.

Tallinn Maritime Days

Tallinn Maritime Days

This year’s Tallinn Maritime Days are set to open on Friday, July 15 and bring more than 130,000 visitors to Tallinn’s four harbours. Visitors of the Maritime Days will enjoy three days chock full of concerts, maritime activities and different workshops. People are also invited to watch the big maritime parade taking large and small vessels from the Pirita Harbour to the Old City Harbour.


Trelleborg Jubilees

This year Trelleborg will celebrate two jubilees. Its been 50 years since the enlarged community Trelleborg was born. Until 1967 the area consist of several smaller communities at the countryside. 150 years has passed since Trelleborg regain its city priviligies. Trelleborg is a very old town, the birthyear is set to 1257 but there is proof the town has existed almost since the beginning of 1200. The Viking fortress Trelleborgen is dated around 970.

International cello festival "Cello Cesis"

The International cello festival “Cello Cesis” is produced by the Cesis Concert Hall and is taking place annualy in September. This is the only cello festival in Baltic/Nordic reagion and it's aim is to introduce the audience with great music written for cello from the best of the classics to the best of contemporary classics, featuring international level musicians. "Cello Cesis" has allready welcomed cello stars from Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Australia, France, Russia and Estonia.

International Children’s Literature Festival

Presented by Hay Festival and Aarhus 2017

Aarhus 2017 joins forces with the renowned Hay Festival to present the first International Children’s Literature Festival in Denmark. 39 of the best European children’s authors under 40 have been invited to write new works based on the theme ‘journey’. Hay Festival has worked with the '39 concept' all over the world – in Arabia, Africa, Central and South America.

The Aarhus Story

Presented by Den Gamle By

The Aarhus Story allows the audience to time travel through the history of Aarhus from its Viking beginnings to its contemporary situation. Aarhus residents, their guests and tourists visiting the city can get an overview of its history and also an understanding of the special features that have made Aarhus the city it is today.