20.03.2018 to 22.03.2018

Book these dates already now in your calendars. Further information will follow.

Climate Sail

Climate sail is an education project by the North Church (together with participating cities) especially for young people. Climate sail will end in Greifswald on 14-15 July 2018. The 4 weeks sailing trip starts in Flensburg and will have stopovers in Kiel and Rostock.
The project has the target to discuss sustainability and lifestyle aspects due to climate change with participants. Furthermore, there are activities at land stops related to the topic.

Masterplan networking meeting

The 2018 Masterplan network (22 cities) meeting will take place in Greifswald, on 13-15 June 2018.   
The so called government funded Masterplan Cities are cities in Germany with the most ambitious targets towards energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions until 2050. Every city has a plan confirmed by city council on how to reach these targets. The meeting will serve on how to bring the plans into activities and find out about best practice examples in different fields of climate protection (smart mobility, energy saving, power generation, citizen participation).

Call for city events in 2018

The UBC cities are welcome to send information about their events in 2018 that will be published on the www.ubc.net.

The information should contain:

  • name of event
  • date and place of the event
  • highlights / short description (max 2-3 sentences for each event)
  • contact persons (names, phone numbers, fax, e-mails, websites, etc)
  • good photo(s)

More information:
UBC Secretariat

How to make UBC even more efficient and useful for its members?

Discussions at the XIV UBC General Conference in Växjö proved that the stronger cooperation and exchange between the cities are required.

The UBC Secretariat asked the cities to answer five questions to get broader knowledge about cities’ needs and interests:

1. Is your city open to investments and startups? If so in which sectors?

2. Are companies in your city looking for new markets / partners in the Baltic Sea region ? Do you have an investment agency?