Celebrate Hälsingegård days of World Heritage Sites Erik-Anders farm

Come and have a nice day with us, enjoy hälsingland cheesecake in the vårfina garden. Guided tours of heritage courtyard at 11, 13 and 15. Visit the Center for World Heritage Hälsingland Farms, you can learn more about Hälsingland Farms and look around the exhibition. There is also a shop with heritage products, building, local crafts and antiques and nostalgia.

Call for Cultural Cities Commission steering committee members

The City of Kaunas took over the Cultural Cities Commission chairmanship in 2018 and it calls for members of the Commission's steering committee.

The steering committee/advisory board will be the driving force of the Commission. It is expected to make the management more effective and help to develop the Commission's activities.

Interested cities are welcome to contact:

Rūta Stepanovaitė
Chair of the Commission
Tel. +370 37 227222,
e-mail: vadovas@kmn.lt