Buffet Day on the Onion Route

The Onion Route, named after one of the most treasured agricultural gems of the area – onion, stretches along the coast of Lake Peipus. There is a friendly mix of different nationalities as well as three cultures  in the area – Russian Old Believers, Baltic German manor culture and Estonian peasant culture. You can try your hand in different handicraft workshops and cooking classes preparing food from local produce. You can go on heritage tours, learn archery, conquer the lake with a narrow boat or under sails, or cover village streets or landscapes on scooters or kick sledges.

Festival in Aparaaditehas

From 31 August to 1 September, Tartu is buzzing with excitement and bohemian festival vibes, more so than usual. Aparaaditehas, or the Widget Factory, welcomes creative, imaginative and enterprising friends to organise together an extraordinary and entertaining festival. The festival, which takes place in an old factory that has been turned into a culture centre, offers a wide range of events from night cinema sessions, concerts and sports competitions to pop-up cafes, workshops, tours and great bargains at the flea market.

Tartu Love Film Festival "tARTuFF"

„tARTuFF“ welcomes film enthusiasts to the traditional festival that is dedicated to the multifaceted concept of love. During the six festival nights, you can enjoy films that are directly or indirectly related to love in the biggest open-air cinema in the Baltics. The film programme is supported by various events during the day, such as lectures and tours – all devoted to beautiful and exciting, yet sometimes painful and tormenting love.

Tartu Food and Wine Festival

At the beginning August, Tartu celebrates Estonian food, our local fresh produce and excellent wine with Tartu Food and Wine Festival. In addition to a number of cafes and restaurants presenting delicious snacks and dishes, the 3-day festivities include concerts, workshops and various family-friendly entertainment programmes. The last day of the festival is dedicated to the enthusiastic and generous community members who welcome visitors to their homes for amazing and tasty treats in their pop-up cafes.

Rally Estonia 2018

The biggest motor sports event in the Baltic States, Rally Estonia, welcomes the best drivers of the Baltics as well as some of the world’s top drivers to challenge themselves on the curvy and bumpy Southern Estonian gravel roads. The prestigious rally also includes a suspenseful and gripping city stage, an EXPO and entertainment area in the city centre, and an open-air concert at the Song Festival Grounds.

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Festival "Glasperlenspiel"

The festival „Glasperlenspiel“ (‘The Glass Bead Game’), inspired by the themes of Hermann Hesse’s novel of the same name, aims to interpret music from untraditional and unusual angles. The renowned festival focuses on unique instruments, unconventional associations and connections with other branches of art and philosophy. The performers join the festival from all over the world, e.g. Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc.

Hanseatic Days

In midsummer, Tartu commemorates its heritage as an important trading city in the commercial and defensive confederation the Hanseatic League during the Middle Ages. The medieval past is brought back to life through various festivities in different thematic areas – Children’s Town, Science Town, Iron Town, Hansa Market, Hansa Cafés and Starman’s Night Cinema. Take part of live concerts, playful performances, Hanseatic fair and a lot of other joyous events.

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Tartu City Day: Opera Crosses Over

June 29 is the day of celebration for the city of Tartu, cherishing its history, cultural legacy and achievements in various areas from science and architecture to music and theatre. For the last few years, the performing arts have been in the centre of attention, combining the city day into a mini-festival of opera and other beautiful, occasionally a bit unusual forms and crossovers of classical music. The festivities include meaningful journeys in the city, well-orchestrated concerts and performances, quiz shows, other carefully composed (sometimes human) formats and fun tournaments.

International Student Festival "Gaudeamus"

"Gaudeamus", the largest students’ song and dance festival in the Baltic States, unites the best student choirs, thousands of dancers and musicians from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The festival is opened with a spectacular ceremony that takes place on the shores of Emajõgi River. The joyful dance festival is held at the Tamme Stadium under the guidance of choreographer Rene Nõmmik, and as a tradition, the festival also includes a procession that leads the participants to the Tartu Song Festival Grounds where the magnificent  song festival takes place.

Street Art Festival "Stencibility"

Did you know that the city government of Tartu supports street art projects in the city centre? Tartu is renowned for its outstanding street art and for the festival „Stencibility“ that unites the artists and the anticipating audience, raising the community's awareness and bringing attention to urban art. The festival, which enriches the cityscape with high-quality art, is not only creating new street art but also promoting it through active participation via photo contests, lectures, film programmes, city tours and workshops.