Tammerfest 2018

Finland's biggest city festival takes place in the Tampere city centre. During four days of July Tammerfest fills the city with music and celebration. The festival has something for everyone: live music from energetic clubs to the big concerts in Ratinanniemi and bands from the bubbling underground to the hottest names in Finland. Music plays everywhere and the city is full of life.

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Baltic Shanty Festival 2018

The shanty festival in Mariehamn's Western Harbour offers song and maritime spirit and an imaginative trip across the seven seas to experience the past on board the great sailing ships. Come and seize the opportunity to make new friends from near and far.
Aboard the four-masted barque Pommern and on the pier with the sea as backdrop the audience get the change to listen to some of the most prominent shanty singers of the world as the warm July night sets.

Tampere Biennale

The previous Biennale celebrated its 30-year long journey. Now we are honoured to be the Festival of the year 2018, a title granted to us by Finland Festivals. This is a crucial landmark in the development of the Biennale. Founded by the City of Tampere, Tampere Biennale has been a significant forum for experimental sound from its very beginning, both domestically and internationally.

Tampere Film Festival

Tampere Film Festival brings together over 30,000 film enthusiasts, be it professionals or amateurs, every year in March. Tampere Film Festival is ranked amongst the top three most important short film festivals in the world. The heart of the programme is formed by International and National Short Film Competitions. The festival receives approximately 4000 submissions annually. Out of those, an estimated 110 films from 40 countries are selected.

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Viking Fair 2018

Dive into the world of Vikings! Enjoy Viking-style songs and music, weapon games and training in the art of combat.
Meet craftspeople at the market: leather tanners, blacksmiths, jewellers and silversmiths who make beautiful articles for everyday use as well as objects d’art using ancient methods, and of course a large number of sellers of other arts and crafts, textiles and home-baked bread.