Globaltica World Cultures Festival

Poland’s remarkable musical event. The festival discovers ethnic elements and inspirations in contemporary culture. It explores those areas where tradition transforms itself into the modern and the popular, while contemporary culture transforms itself into tradition. The audience is welcome not only to take part in the musical part of the programme, but also to attend the exhibition projects and workshops. The unique atmosphere of the place differentiates the festival from the many summer open-air events and provides its participants with a unique experience.

Sea Festival

Today’s Sea Festival is an event that follows the tradition of the Sea Festival from the times of the Second Polish Republic. The festival was held for the first time in 1932 in Gdynia, when it hosted more than 100,000 participants, including Ignacy Mościcki, the then president of the Polish Republic. The first Sea Festival was a large mass event of the Second Polish Republic that became such a great success that it entered the calendar of Polish public holidays. It was held every year until the outbreak of World War II.

Open House Gdynia

Global festival of architecture. During the event selected public areas or private flats not available every day are open for participants. Shared interiors are to inspire, to be a source of innovative ideas, to satisfy curiosity, to initiate positive changes and to bring out the best of the city’s architecture.         

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Cooperate with the "Jekabpils NGO Resource Centre"

The Society "Jekabpils NGO Resource Centre" is interested to collaborate with the UBC member cities in such areas as civic participation and initiatives for youth.
Right now the society is working with EVS projects, also it organizes events for youth and seniors in the city. There is a unit "Day Center" where seniors can meet for activities like dancing, crafting, learning English, etc.
We would be very interested to develop "Day Center" and its activities to attract more people.
Also, the society would be ready to share experiences it has.