Nordisk Panorama Film Festival

From the 20th to the 25th of September Malmö will be buzzing from the spirit of the most incredible film festival for Nordic documentaries and short fiction films.

We look forward to presenting a diverse film festival programme, with a multitude of the finest works created by Nordic filmmakers. Works that comment on the world we live in and open our eyes to horrendous conditions, conflicts or inequality that calls for action to create change. Others tell stories to create joy or reflection, or to resonate with us on a more personal level.


BUFF is an exceptional film festival, because it is for everyone. Some are watching their very first movie in a cinema at BUFF. Some are screening their first feature film for the toughest and most honest critics, namely children. Some are inspired to tell stories  with moving images themselves.
Since 1984, BUFF Filmfestival has been the most important screenings venues for films for children and young people in the Nordic countries.

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Malmö Garden Show

Malmö Garden Show is a free entrance event, conducted by Malmö City, Gatukontoret. We invite inspiration in the form of beautiful and creative ideas gardens and exhibition balconies.
Our appreciated garden market holds high quality and offers something for both the traditional and the innovative growers.

In addition, cozy dining, music entertainment and children and family activities.

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