International Slavic culture Festival "Fern Flower"

The fern flower is a magic flower in Baltic and Slavic mythology, blooming for a very short time on the eve of the summer solstice and bringing to luck, wealth, or the ability to understand animal speech.
The aim of festival is demonstration the varieties of slavic cultures through the performance amateurs and professionals artists from the different countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Moldavia, Belarus.

International Ingrians Song Festival

The Ingrians are the Finnish population of Ingria (now the central part of Leningrad Oblast in Russia), descending from Lutheran Finnish immigrants introduced into the area in the 17th century, when Finland and Ingria were both parts of the Swedish Empire. Today the Ingrian Finns total population is approximately 50 000 people living in Russia, Finland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Belarus.

The Time Machine

The Time Machine in the Reconstruction of a Trade Estate from the period of Roman influence (Faktoria Handlowa) is a cyclical event bringing closer the military history of Central and Eastern Europe. It is a journey through the ages, from the Middle Ages to the end of the Second World War. A dozen or so reconstruction groups from all over the country appear at the party. From the beginning, the basis of the event was to integrate the environment of the reconstructors and show the audience that the story does not have to be boring.

Faktoria of Culture

Faktoria of Culture is a series of weekend meetings with music and theater in the Amphitheater of the International Baltic Cultural Park Faktoria, which consists of a Music Stage, Summer Stage of Wybrzeże Theater and Children's Stage. Summer Stage of Wybrzeże Theater - every Saturday in July and August the theater's repertoire is moved to the open air. Children's Stage - on Sunday afternoons in July and August the actors in the most beautiful stories will perform for the youngest viewers.

Rollers half-marathon for the Mayor's Cup of Pruszcz Gdanski

The best skaters will race around the city on a distance of 21 km. The competition is very popular and not only the inhabitants of Pruszcz Gdanski compete in it, but also competitors from all over the country. Roller skating will take place during the celebration of the days of the City Pruszcz Gdanski. The length of one loop is 7 km, so the players will have to cover three laps. There will also be routes for younger roller lovers. Children up to 12 years old will race at a distance of 600 m, youth aged 13 -15 with a distance of 1000 m.