Solidarity of Arts

Gdańsk is an excellent place to speak of the solidarity of artists, about art’s universal dimension, which transcends political, ethnic and religious boundaries. This is the idea behind this August festival, whose ambition is to unite artists and the public around high art.

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St Dominic’s Fair

The tradition of St Dominic’s Fair dates back to the 13th century. On the final Saturday of July, throngs of merchants from Germany, France, England and even Spain and Portugal would come arrive in Gdańsk. Over 400 ships were known to call at the harbour with French and Spanish wine, silk, preserves, Portuguese spices, English tin and cloth. Circus acts, acrobats, jugglers and actors’ troupes would come from far and wide. Today, St Dominic’s Fair is also an attraction for tourists and locals alike, combining a flea market with a huge agenda of cultural and sports events.

Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival

Held since 1997, the year of Gdańsk’s Millennium Celebration, the Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival is a return to the Renaissance tours of English theatre troupes to our city. The Festival is an international review of the most intriguing adaptations of the plays of the Swan of Avon, from the traditional to the experimental. For the second time, the spirit of Shakespeare will descend upon the new building of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, a modern multi-purpose building designed by visionary Italian architect Renato Rizzi.

FETA International Festival of Street and Open-Air Theatres

For years now, theatre productions have been traversing Gdańsk, often to discover lesser-known cityscapes for their audiences. From small juggler scenes to monumentally expressive spectaculars, mimes, stilt-walkers and dancers, stories from around the world: the rich landscape of the Gdańsk celebration of open-air theatre has been attracting its faithful audiences for years regardless of the weather and the time of day or night. FETA’s repertory includes many engaging productions from celebrated international street theatre artists.

Baltic Sail

This annual international sail rally takes place in Gdańsk, Halmstad, Klaipeda, Karlskrona, Rostock and Lubeck and is dedicated to seafarers and sailing ships. The Gdańsk part of the event - Sail Gdańsk - is a colourful celebration of sailing in the historical city centre, with races, parades, shanty music concerts and a one-of-a-kind opportunity to visit the yachts, get to know the sailors, see up close the customs and diverse traditions which have governed the harsh sailors’ life for centuries.

Gdańsk Docfilm Festival /Dignity and Work/

The Gdańsk DocFilm Festival is the world’s only documentary film festival to focus on people in their workplace environment, human activity, and means of survival in various environments and situations. The DocFilm Festival is an opportunity to showcase the achievements of international cinema and to debate on the role and importance of the human being in the workplace.

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Gdańsk Day

A series of cultural and open-air events to celebrate the anniversary of the Great Royal Privilege given to Gdańsk by King Casimir the Jagiellon in recognition of the city’s services to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

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Opening of the Sailing Season in Gdańsk

The official opening of the sailing season in Gdańsk, complete with a Yacht Rally at the quays of the Fish Market (Targ Rybny). The 24-hour event has an incredibly rich agenda including a Sailor’s Town with theme stalls, presentations, shows, regattas and dragon boat races. As has become tradition, the event’s finale is a parade of yachts and other vessels on the River Motława.
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Gdańsk Music Festival

Early and contemporary music concerts in the most beautiful Gdańsk interiors. The Gdańsk Music Festival continues a project that was initiated in 2008. The festival’s format is open. However, every edition’s programme reflects the individual message of a particular festival and its Artist in Residence.

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Join the 1st International Week of Dance in Rostock

For the first time in history, the City of Rostock will host the 1st International Week of Dance. Dancers from Germany and Europe will gather in Rostock, to train and work out together, dance, get to know each other, make friends from other countries and, most importantly, learn from each other.

Programme highlights

· Workshops in different styles and levels
· Classes for youngsters and adults
· Top - class teachers
· A rich cultural program
· Possibilities for group performances
· Free - time activities