Pärnu Spa Week

Pärnu Spa Week welcomes everyone to take care of your body and spirit! The water and sauna centres of 9 different spa hotels are available for enjoyment at the resort town. Enterprises have put together some exquisite offers for the Spa Week for visiting spa centres and water parks, visiting restaurants, as well as accommodation packages for guests from out of town. The week involves activities and entertainment for the whole family – visit with your kids, friends or for a romantic getaway with your beloved.

Events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia

The Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary on February 24, 2018. Unlike elsewhere in Estonia, in Pärnu, celebration of the Independence Day will begin one day earlier, on 23 February instead of 24 February. There are historical reasons for this: Pärnu was the place where the Independence Manifesto was first read out from the balcony of Endla Theatre on 23 February 1918.

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AEBR announces the launch of the EU pilot initiative “b-solutions”

As of 1 February 2018 Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) will be managing the EU pilot initiative “b-solutions”, which is a 2-year project financed by the EU budget and promoted by the European Commission’s DG REGIO as one of the actions proposed in the referred Communication “Boosting Growth and Cohesion in EU Border Regions”. The Call for Proposals is now open until 30 April 2018.

6th Baltic Week

Under the topic „Music- a cultural heritage“ the City Bergen auf Rügen together with artists and music-actors will present diverse international music events from 28th September – 14th October.
In the European Year of cultural heritage we decided it is a good possibility let artists from our neighbor countries play music together with musicians from our Island in public events.

Protestfestivalen in Kristiansand

A protest against impotence and indifference, inspiring for engagement and action, against categorisation in the community, the one-track market thinking and slack level of tolerance.

The Protest festival "Protestfestivalen" in Kristiansand is a festival for engagement and enlightening of people; for fight against indifference, intolerance, standardization of thinking, apathy, single-tracked market thinking and a weak tolerance concept. The Program is based on the spirit of Erik Bye, Axel Jensen, Jens Bjørneboe, Henrik Wergeland and, from 2014, also Kris Kristofferson.