Spring Festival “Windstream”

Since 2010 orchestra “Riga” organizes Spring Festival “Windstream” that is received with great enthusiasm by the audiences of Riga.
The festival starts on the day,  when the astronomical spring  comes in Riga. There will be offered both academic and non-academic compositions of foreign and Latvian composers, which will be performed by the "Riga" Orchestra and other musicians. In 2018 the festival will take place for the ninth time.
Place: Various concert halls
More info: www.orkestris.riga.lv

The Multi-Media Performance "Patterns of Light"

Spring Festival “Windstream” Opening of the Centennial Year of Latvia - The Multi-Media Performance "Patterns of Light"
The multi-media performance "Patterns of Light" will tell a contemporary story about where modern Latvians find strength, about our country in which we create every living moment, and about the cultural breath that we receive from previous generations and translate it into a modern tone that we present to our children.
Place: National Library of Latvia

100 years of independence celebration in Riga

This year we will celebrate Latvia’s centenary with various events taking place across the country throughout the days. In Riga the celebration on November 18 begins on the first half of the day with a parade and laying of flowers at the Freedom Monument with participation of the President of Latvia and other important government officials.
More info: http://lv100.lv/en/; www.kultura.riga.lv
iksd@riga.lv LV100@km.gov.lv

City of Light Event

City of Light Event is a part of City of Light project, and has been organized already for 12 times. Last year the event brought no less than 100 000 visitors during three event days. The event brings out constructed lightning locations and light installations.
During the event, there are also seminars and additional events, and the public transportation will be free of charge between 18.00 to 24.00.
More info: http://valonkaupunki.jyvaskyla.fi/

Finlandia Marathon

Finlandia Marathon is an annual running event and it reaches over 2 000 participants every year. The route of the marathon follows the shores of lake, which is situated just beside the city. Participants can choose between the whole marathon (42 km), halfmarathon (21 km) or "Valon Kymppi - " (10 km).
There are also othes shorter races included in the event.
More info: http://www.finlandiamarathon.fi/

14th international Alvar Aalto Symposioum & Aalto Open House

Alvar Aalto Academy/Alvar Aalto foundation organizes the symposium in co-operation with the City of Jyväskylä. The theme of the symposium is "New Housing Solutions for Cities in Change", and it focuses on current challenges and possibilities of future housing design and construction in urban areas. At September 2nd, there will also be Aalto Open House event, which gives a chance to take a peak at homes designed by architect Alvar Aalto.