Wind Festival

Over 100 paragliders meet in Ustka to present their skills. Competitions, exhibitions, performances, concerts.
The event is co-organized by the city of Ustka, Dolina Charlotty and Falco team.

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Festival "Sopot by the Book"

This year’s sevneth edition of the “Sopot by the Book”, organized by the Municipal Public Library in Sopot and the City of Sopot, will take place on 16-19 August. Each year organizers select one country, which literature becomes the leading theme of the Festival. This year, readers will have a chance to delve into the literature and culture of French.

For four days, the town becomes a real literary resort and meetings with authors are held in the most beautiful venues. Sopot is a literary city where people can meet, create and explore literature.

Mundus Cantat Sopot International Choir Festival

MUNDUS CANTAT means dozens of festival events, hundreds of participants from all over the world, a kilometer long Parade of Choirs along popular Heroes of Monte Cassino street, vocal workshops and various happenings. Join us in combining learning with pleasure! You will establish international friendships, spend memorable moments in a popular sea health resort all together while improving your vocal technique under the wings of worldwide known, prominent professionals.

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