LTU Big Air 2016

Luleå University of Technology invites the whole city of Luleå and its guests absolutely free to the LTU big Air 2016! The event starts at 12:00 with the ice climbing, dog sledding, fatbikes in the snow, skating, skiing and more! When it starts to get dark, it is time for the contest ... The riders who are invited from across the country taking off from the 18m high ramp for the most daredevil tricks. After the competition guests are invited on the outdoor après-ski and awards ceremony where you can also get a char-grilled burgers if you are getting hungry ...

Ice Music. Arctic light show

Ice Music personifies the Arctic Sweden enchanting winter world - a new art form where professional musicians playing on instruments made of ice - ICEstruments. Sounds unbelievable but it is true and must be experienced with all your senses. The regions choir of young talents, “Arctic Light” visit the Ice Concert Hall for the first time. The atmosphere will sparkle with Scandinavian sounds in the colors of Swedish Lapland. Improvision and figuration blend with folk music and rhythms from different parts of the world.

Kristdala Fair

The Kristdala summer fair has around 175 stall holders with a great selection of goods and products, everything from socks and bread to their own handicrafts, fruit and vegetables.
You’ll also find items for the garden and recreation as well as ecological and local produce.

Vehicle Meets

The aim is to gather all vehicle enthusiasts to the same place – Brädholmen in Oskarshamn on Wednesdays.
Everyone who considers their vehicle to be a “pearl”, regardless of age, is welcome to show off their wheels at these vehicle meets. The audience gets to vote for the nicest vehicle of the evening and the owner receives a trophy to take home.


The event of the year in the idyllic village of Mörtfors.
Most of the locals are involved in preparing for this day, when visitors can purchase wares from some 30 stall holders, take part in a duck race, eat wild pig-meat under the oaks on Basarkullen, buy lottery tickets, throw darts, take a boat tour, have a go at air-rifle
shooting and much more.