Spanish and Nordic folk music

Ensemble Storstrom give a concert with folk inspired mujsik from Spain and the rest of Europe and Nordic music.
In this program diver Ensemble Storstrom down in the Spanish musical tradition that is heavily folk-inspired (think for example of flamenco). But other European composers have been inspired by the Spanish Mozart, Rossini, Bizet, Ravel, to name just some.
But also in the Nordic music has also written music inspired by Nordic folk music. Here are the most obvious names Carl Nielsen and Grieg, but they are not the only ones.

Exercise Cycling Falster

Motion Tour of Falster is in three stages. Falster around 142 km. Falster across 112 km and Family Route 40 km. All three routes are on tarmac and initiated from Fire Museum Nykoebing. Free parking close to the start.
Falster around the coast offers magnificent views of the Guldborgsund, Grønsund and the Baltic Sea, beautiful manor landscapes, quaint forests and villages.

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Beachwalk 2018

Marielyst Beach Walk holds for nine years in a row the biggest private party where everyone is invited. Festival Starts in Nykoebing, where participants an embarks on a 10-kilometer-long celebration that ends in a huge afterparty at marielyst.

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Denmark's best Americana / country band is back after a few years break. Dorthe Gerlach previously - with great success - given a concert in 2016 in Nysted with its Danish songs.

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Three sisters, three instruments

The Lee Trio from California (piano trio with violin, cello and piano) gives a concert with music from the classical repertoire and recent composers.
The three sisters Lisa, Angela and Melinda Lee represents the afternoon piano trio. They come from San Francisco and after their debut toured the world, individually and together. They have played at most major scenes in the world (Carnegie Hall, New York, Wigmore Hall, London, Berliner Philharmonie, just to mention some). All places have the audience let themselves enthusiastic about their beautiful ambience and fresh expression. 

Big Appetities - Tiny People in a World of Big Food

The American photographer Christopher Boffoli loves to play with food. He creates colourful photographs of absurd, but beautiful, worlds full of food using miniature people. The scenes present tiny figures hard at work from the crack of dawn, with coffee farmers, strawberry pickers and pancake bakers. We then follow these characters in various scenes of meals, with lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert and drinks. But we never see them actually eating the food. They use the food to bicycle, sail in and work with in their own lives and cultures.

Eat Me - Trapholt

In the exhibition EAT ME, food is the supreme metaphor of our time
Eat Me is an exhibition about how we understand ourselves and the world through food.
Food is the supreme metaphor of our time. We use food to comment on practically anything: our social problems, our cultural habits, our identities, our understanding of nature. We use food to set boundaries, refine our sensibilities and project our visions of the future. 

OneDesign Baltic Open

We are fishing together from our kayaks/sit-on-top in one of the best spots for sea trout and cod: which is Lillebælt that lays opposite to Gl. Ålbo. 
All kayak brands are welcome.

Friday: Registration and welcome. Presentation about sea trout by Lars Østergård Jensen.
Saturday: 1. Fishing day followed by a barbecue and togetherness.
Sunday: 2. Fishing day followed by an award ceremony.

There are great prizes, here among for the most beautiful sea trout.

Port Festival in Loftahammar

Family Fest in two days with artists Nanne Grönvall, Mojje and many more on stage. There will also be bouncy castles, activities, food and drinks in the festival area. This is a festival for the whole family.
The area includes a mini zoo and pony rides, face painters from "Face to fejsis", lotteries, ice cream and candy. Two scenes, 1000 seats, festival food and 800 sqm beer tents with full rights.