Sea Festival

Liepāja is proud of its seashore and harbour, therefore every year we honour the nature’s forces and people whose everyday job is at the sea – fishermen and sailors. As every year the Sea Festival will start with the sounds of ship horns and commemorative moment for the lost fishermen and sailors. Cultural and entertainment activities, and sport competitions will bring the festive feeling. There would be no Sea Festival without the welcoming of Neptune. A craftsman and home-producers market will be held.

Summer Solstice

Everyone will be able to experience the magic of the midsummer night also in the city at the open-air stage “Pūt, vējiņi”, where already traditionally the midsummer bonfire will be made and songs sung. In the midsummer dance everyone can welcome the morning sunrise.

Family Festival in Liepāja

The Family Festival is organized by Liepāja’s Children and Youth Centre. The festival will offer a possibility to participate in creative workshops, visit exhibitions and enjoy the performances of children and youth groups at the Jurmāla Park. During the festival a parade will be held and a grandiose dance concert will be performed at the Daugava Stadium.

Līva Village Festival

The amber clock at the Promenade continues to count time in Liepāja until we will again celebrate the biggest Latvian cultural heritage festival. The festival will include craftsmen and designers at the Līva Market, musicians at the folk music festival LĪVA RIVER, and singers, dancers and craftsmen at the big stage and on Meistaru Street. The gates to Līva Village will be opened for two days so everybody has a chance to learn, try, participate, taste and buy, and experience the festive feeling together with Latvian and other nations folk dancers and musicians.

International Museum Night 2017

Liepāja will celebrate the International Museum Night for its sixth time. The museums will be opened to visitors in an unusual hour – during the evening and night. New unconventional exhibitions, theatrical shows, special excursions, and concerts. Liepāja Museum, Museum “Liepāja during the Occupation Regimes”, Karosta prison, and Liepāja State Technical College will participate in the event.

UBC’s Executive Board met in Kristiansand

UBC’s Executive Board met 15–17 February in the beautiful city of Kristiansand, Norway. On the agenda was among others UBC’s General Conference in Växjö 24–27 October 2017, UBC Commissions’ action plans for 2017–2018, implementing EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the initiative made by the municipality of Kristiansand on reductions in emissions by making shore power available for cruise ships.

The Day of the Light

The Day of the Light

This is an annual event to light up Dovilai town before Christmas. „The day of the Light“ is well known in Lithuania and visitors come from all over the country. Various ethno-installations are lighted up together with relaxing, peaceful sounds of live music to bring peaceful Christmas mood into everyone‘s hearts.