Riga City Festival

The City Festival is a strong tradition since 2001, the 800th anniversary of Riga.
At end-August Riga turns into a major location for festivities, where visitors of the city, the young and the old, enjoy a number of exciting events: concerts, workshops, street fairs, theatre plays, art performances, and even a gourmet festival.
Most of the events take place along the 11th November Embankment, in Old Town and central parks, with a wide range of events also held all over the city.

Latvian XXVI Song and XVI Dance Festival

The Latvian Song and Dance Festival is one of the largest amateur choral events in the world and an important event in Latvian culture and social life. The All-Latvian Song and Dance Festival have been held since 1873, normally every five years. Approximately 30,000 performers altogether participate in the event. Place: Mežaparks Large Open-Air Stage
More info: www.dziesmusvetki.lv 

Midsummer Night Celebration

It is the biggest summer festivity in Latvia offering to explore Midsummer customs and witness their power today, try out traditional recipes, make flower wreaths, enjoy bonfires, have fun playing games, learn folk songs with the refrain of  “Ligo” which means “to sway”, dance and sing together with popular music groups all the night long!
Everybody is invited to come along and join in the Midsummer Night’s celebrations!
More info: www.iksd.riga.lv

“Lattelecom” Riga International Marathon

Since 2012 Riga Marathon has been awarded the prestigious International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Road Race Bronze Label. If you have never been to Riga then marathon or half-marathon could be a good reason to visit one of the most beautiful cities on the Baltic Sea coast. The route leads through the very centre of Riga City and runners can enjoy the charm of the old Hanseatic Town.
More info: http://www.lattelecomrigasmaratons.lv/en/