Youthful Cities

Youthful Cities

UBC Youthful Cities Commission

Everyone wants the best for children and young people, so does the UBC. Youthful Cities Commission (YCC) is committed to helping children thrive, achieve and develop the confidence to meet the transitions into adulthood. Youth is a resource, not a problem!

How We Work

Youthful Cities Commission promotes youth co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region, works towards youth involvement, youth exchange and youth participation in the UBC member cities, as well as serves as a basis for UBC contact persons on youth issues. The commission builds upon existing youth networks of local youth structures as well as upon one youth organisation as a contact point in each member city. The network co-operates closely together with the UBC Secretariat.

The Commission consists of young people as well as civil servants and politicians dealing with youth issues on the local level. Existing youth networks of the Baltic Sea Region are taken into account. The Commission monitors the agenda of UBC from a youth perspective.


  • Create a working group and a youth contact net within the UBC network on youth issues
  • Lobby towards nomination of a youth contact officer in every UBC member city
  • Monitor the agenda and documents of the UBC from a Youth point of view


Contact persons: 

Dmitrijs Zverevs

Head of Youth Division

Rīga City Council

Chairman of the UBC Youthful Cities Commission
Rīgas pašvaldība
K. Valdemara 5
LV-1010 Rīga
Tel. +371 67181499


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