Buffet Day on the Onion Route


The Onion Route, named after one of the most treasured agricultural gems of the area – onion, stretches along the coast of Lake Peipus. There is a friendly mix of different nationalities as well as three cultures  in the area – Russian Old Believers, Baltic German manor culture and Estonian peasant culture. You can try your hand in different handicraft workshops and cooking classes preparing food from local produce. You can go on heritage tours, learn archery, conquer the lake with a narrow boat or under sails, or cover village streets or landscapes on scooters or kick sledges. It is also possible to try your hand at photography workshops or learn how to make a film. In mid-September, on the traditional buffet day, the locals will also open the doors to their lovely home, offering dishes and snacks made by the best recipes handed down from generation to generation.

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