Canal Street - Arendal music festival

25.07.2018 to 28.07.2018

During the third week in July 2017 the 21st Canal Street festival will be held in and around Arendal. The first artist was booked long ago: Aurora is playing on Thursday July 27 and visit for more artists and other information. Stay tuned to music and magic!

In the course of 20 years, Canal Street has offered large musical events to the inhabitants of Arendal, tourists and other guests. About 20-25 000 people visit this festival each year, and it takes place the last week of July.

By using the maritime surroundings and the characteristic scenes that Arendal has to offer, Canal Street wishes to create a general experience where place, culture and history are creating a perfect setting for musical meets between artists and audience. Fyrjazz (Lighthouse Jazz) at the Lille Torungen lighthouse, Bathing Blues and Splash Jazz in the bay of Merdø, “Jazz in the Dumpster“ at Heftingsdalen refuse and recycling site, nighttime concerts at the Arendal Cemetary, and hidden and forgotten backyards in town are just some examples.

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