celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Latvian Provisional Government Residence

27.06.2019 to 29.06.2019

In 2018 Latvia celebrated its centenary and in honor of this great event, there have been many activities across the country during the last year and the closing event of more than a yearlong celebration will be held in Liepaja city this summer.
To celebrate the dramatic events that took place 100 years ago when the Republic of Latvia was proclaimed, headed by the Prime Minister of the first Provisional Government of Latvia and later Prime minister of Latvia for four terms – Mr. Kārlis Ulmanis, the Provisional Government was forced to leave Riga. For six months Liepaja become a residence for the Latvian Provisional Government. In June 2019, the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the Latvian Provisional Government to Liepaja on board of the steamship “Saratov” will take place.

"Saratov's” 100th anniversary Liepaja will celebrate not only to remember and celebrate the centenary event that is important to our city, but this reconstruction will provide an opportunity for every Latvian citizen and guests of our city to get to know the nuances of history important to our country and Liepaja, remembering the time when Liepaja was the headquarters of the Latvian government. During these three days from June 27 to June 29, this year there will be a unique chance to explore events of the 1919 in Liepaja.

Event Program will consist of Ecumenical worship service at Liepaja St. Anna's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Reconstruction of the historical event "Welcoming of the Steamship" Saratov” to Liepaja – 100” - a symbolic staging of the Provisional Government arrival at the square near the Old Customs House, a walk along the route from the Old Port to Jānis Čakste Square, festive outdoor ball, events for families and children, ”Kurzeme region Song Festival” and other activities with a participation of foreign artists as for example,  Dixieland collective from the United States of America, a bagpipe and a drum group from Scotland and a street theatre troupe from France.